Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cooking For My Mom

My mom went for surgery to remove her cataract and also treatment for her glaucoma. She was unable to see because one of her eyes has been damaged by the effect of glaucoma. Therefore after her operation to remove the cataract on her other eye, she was unable to see for a few days. I was back to my hometown, Butterworth to visit her. I took over her kitchen and cook for her for several days, until her vision returns to normal. These are some of the dishes that I cooked up. 1) Steam pomfret with kei chi (wolfberries). Kei Chi good for eyesight. 2) Steamed grouper with ginger. 1) Grouper with bean paste, ginger and garlic. 2) Chinese herbal six taste soup (Lark bi) to improve appetite. 1) Steamed okra, my mom's favourite..........2) My mom grew tired of eating fish, so I cook Bak Kut Teh for her. Tofu fried with sweet soya sauce and spring onions. And for the rest of the family. Sambal udang (chili prawn) with cucumber and the roast pork I bought from the morning wet market.
My mom taught my maid to cook this jui hu char (nyonya fried turnips)


Calvin Soo KJ said... "hau sun". wish i can cook like you. then my mum can rest. but anyways, send my regards to yer mum. next time im sick, then you come down kuantan to cook for me...hehehhe......CHOI!!!!

Edward said...

Hi Pete,
Hope your mum gets well soon for her eye. Im sure you will take good care of her. Filial child. :)

Anonymous said...

eye operation ah? So scary. T_T.I hope auntie is doing well now. Feed her more with good food. :-D

Pete said...

Calvin : Thks Calvin. Ha Ha, now you have Rach to take care of you lorr. LOL

Edward : Thks for the blessing.

Cleff : Thks for the blessing.

mistipurple said...

you good son.
very good son.
i am impressed.
mom brought you up well. that makes her a wonderful mother too.
all the best for her eye's recovery and good health.

Pete said...

Thks Misti