Monday, March 30, 2009

Victim of Cheque Fraud

I sent out a cheque to pay my credit card early this month via Pos Malaysia using the credit self addressed envelope provided by the credit card company. Last week, when I called the credit card company to check whether they have received my cheque, they confirmed that it did not arrive. Immediately, I called the bank to check the status of my cheque. The bank branch that issued my cheque book only knew that the cheque payment was rejected. I was told by the officer after she checked with the security department that someone else tried to cash out my cheque. Somehow this syndicate managed to intercept my cheque in the post and modified all the information in my cheque, to make it payable to another person’s name. I took a scanned copy of the cheque and found that all the handwriting on it was not mine. The payee name has been changed from the credit card company to an individual name. They used the same payment amount as in my credit card bill. It seems that this syndicate is very active and they have managed to get away with some of the victim’s money. Last Thursday someone wrote to a local newspaper about his cheque that was sent out to pay his insurance premium was fraudulently cashed out by someone else. In order to avoid these problem, make sure you send your cheque using a normal envelope or bank it in directly in to the payee account. It took me half a day get this problem sorted out; go the bank, make police report, and make new payment to my credit card company.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hock Tong Hong Rawang Chicken Rice

Rawang is a small town located at the north of Kuala Lumpur and it is a favorite haven for food lovers. It is normal to see many people from Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas travel there during the weekends for their famous tilapia dishes and also winter melon soup. If you use the trunk road to travel to the northern states, do drop by in Hock Tong Hong Chicken rice which is located two rows at the back of Bintang Rawang Hypermarket. The chicken rice dish served by a husband and wife team is simple but nice. The chicken was well marinated and the rice was moist, just nice to my liking. I love the chicken rice chili, real spicy and nice. My business partner, Shirleen asked for extra chilies. A plate of chicken rice cost RM3.50. This stall also serves some other simple chap fan dishes and most of the chicken/roast pork/char siew will be sold out by 2pm. Will be back again to try the roast pork! Opps, sorry, I started to eat again and forgot to take photo first! Hock Tong Hong Chicken Rice Map, Rawang, Selangor.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Round Ladoo (laddu, moti choor) From My Neighbor

My neighbor’s son scored 9 As for his SPM and to celebrate the occasion they made some nice Indian (and also Pakistan) dessert, ladoo ( laddu, moti choor) to share with everyone in our neighborhood. These round balls are made from sugar, ghee (clarified butter), whole milk, saffron, cardamom powder, gram flour (besan) and chickpea. They are then soaked in sweet syrup. Ladoos (moti choor) are often made for religious ceremony and as offering to gods at temple. Well congratulations to him for scoring straight As in his exam!