Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Little Kung Fu Boy - Nunchaku, Tonfa and Lion Dance

My little four year old and his Kung Fu antics with nunchaku, tonfa and lion dance head.........

Haiiiiit....wait for me to pose like Bruce Lee first........, like this, can or not?

This is my Kung Fu commencement stance.....................

'Parting the wild horse mane form', learned from my Tai Chi Sifu........

Horse stance (.馬步)..............hiyaaaa.......giddyup, giddyup.....,  see me swinging the nunchaks....

Now, I show you my side kick........while swinging the nuchaku at the same time.....

Aiya, kicked too high, check first whether 'seluar koyak' (pants torn) or not..........

Hey, why you laugh.....nah.....hentam (hit) you with my nuchaku......

This is cha cha cha style kung fu.....hey, don't laugh ah.....Bruce was the 1958 Hong Kong Colony Cha Cha Cha dance competition champion leh.....

ok, time to get serious......I moved so fast....papa camera also captured blur image.....he he he, how's my Wong Fei Hung's 'Shadowless kick' ( 無影腳, wúyǐngjiǎo, no shadow kick)

Oppps, sunglasses dropped.........

Tired with Nunchaks I show you my Tonfa weapon moves.........put mummy's Chinese New Year Ang Pau basket next to me...........generate some authentic Oriental aura.......ha ha ha!

How is this pose?.....look like Karate expert Chuck Norris or not?.....pssst!....this one not hairy wan.......

Position to beat up and ward off 'Parang' (stout straight knife)  attackers.....

Its lion dance time......just like my favourite hero, Wong Fei Hung......

Lion climbing the plum blossom poles...................

Lion frolicking on top of the plum blossom poles........

Aiya, Lion tired liao, rest for a while........

Opppps, then mummy bring cane,  asking me to stop horsing around, take a bath and go to bed.....late liao.....tomorrow have to go to school.......good night......

Monday, March 26, 2012

Japanese Koinobori (Carp Streamer), Boys Festival (Tengo no Sekku)

My youngest son was so excited when I hang these Japanese Koinobori (carp streamer) at our house. He loves to see these carp shaped wind sock fluttering when the wind blows. Traditionally. Koinobori are put up to celebrate Japanese Boys Festival (Tengo no Sekku) (端午の節句) (Modern, Children's Day) on 5th May in Japan and most households there would start putting them up as early as April. As for me, I am even is only March! LOL!
The carps are put up in honour of sons in the family, hoping that they will grow up to be strong and healthy. Carp is known to be energetic and strong in fighting swift currents. Anyway, they have large black carp to represent the father and red (second biggest) for the mother. Mmmm, I wonder if there is any for daughters?

Romanised (Yane yori takai koinobori
Ookii magoi wa otoosan
Chiisai higoi wa kodomo tachi
Omoshirosoo ni oyoideru)
English Translation (Carp windsocks are above the roof.
The biggest carp is the father,
The smaller carp are children,
They're enjoying swimming in the sky)

Here is a cute boy singing the Koinobori song

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pressure Cooker Lamb Shank Recipe

I always enjoy a good meal of lamb shank and it is one of my favoourite dish whenever I visit western restaurants. I found a nice piece of frozen lamb shank in the hypermarket and bought it without any hesitation.  This lamb shank was to be one of the dish for my family's dinner to be eaten with rice, so I only bought one piece. Anyway, we don't eat that much meat to have one shank each per person. lol!
As I was driving home, my mind was filled with thoughts of the ingredients that I am going to use for this piece of lamb shank. I have limited time to prepare dinner for my family, so I throw all the ingredients in my pressure cooker and cooked them for 25 minutes. I ended up with a very tender lamb shank and the nice aroma of rosemary filled my house when I opened the pressure cooker lid....yum yum!

Lamb Shank, 1 pc
Onions, 1 pc, cut into 4
Garlic, 3 cloves
Celery stalks (optional), 2 stalks, cut into bite size
Carrot, 1 pc, cut into cubes
Red Wine (optional), 3 table spoons
Tomato, 1 pc, cut into 4
Tomato sauce, 3 tablespoons
Rosemary (dried), 1 teaspoon
Thyme, 1/2 teaspoon (dried)
Worchestershire sauce, 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste

Put lamb shank in pressure cooker. Pour in water to cover around 3/4 of the shank. Throw in all the ingredients. Close the pressure cooker lid tightly and engage the safety lock. Cook the shank at high heat for 10 minutes then turn heat to low and cook for another 15 minutes. Let the cooker cool down for around 20 minutes and then release the pressure slowly. Serve lamb shank while still hot!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sambal Okra with Fresh Scallops Recipe

I found some nice fresh scallops in the wet market recently. Initially I wanted to use them for steamboat but did not do so when I found that their shell break easily. I don't want the shell broken pieces in my steamboat!
I decided to scoop up the scallop meat and use it to cook my vegetable, okra (lady fingers) dish.

Here is my Sambal Okra with Fresh Scallops Recipe.....

Scallops, 10 pcs, remove shells
Okra, 10 pcs, cut into two
Chili paste 1 tablespoon
Shallots, 3 pcs, blended
Belachan, 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Oyster sauce, 1 teaspoon
Dried prawns, 1 tablespoon, deep fried until crispy

Put some vegetable oil into a hot wok.  Saute chilli paste, belachan and shallots until fragrant. Add in oyster sauce and salt to taste. Put in the okra and scallops. Stir fry until they are cooked. Take out the Sambal Okra with Fresh Scallops and put it in a serving dish. Garnish with deep fried dried prawns (heh bee) before serving.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Simple and Light Chicken Porridge Meal (Recipe)

As usual, whenever I steamed chicken, there would always be leftover chicken breast meat.  My kids would eat all of the other chicken parts except the chicken breast meat. Since it was a Sunday morning and my kids get to slept in, I woke up early to cook chicken porridge with these leftover so that we do not have to go out for breakfast or else it would have been very near to lunch time by the time they woke up.

Here is my simple and light chicken porridge recipe.

Steam chicken meat (or fresh meat), 200 gms
Rice, 1 cup
Sesame oil, 1/2 teaspoon
Light soya sauce, 3 tablespoons
Garlic, 5 cloves, chopped finely and saute until golden brown (for garnishing)
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Spring onions for garnishing

Wash rice and put them into a pot. Cover the rice with around 5 cups of water.  Cook rice at low heat until they turned soft. Add water if it is too dry. Put in the chicken meat, sesame oil, light soya sauce, pepper and salt to taste. Cook the porridge for a short while. Garnish with spring onions and fried garlic before serving.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Temporary Car Radiator Fix using Steel Filled Epoxy during CNY

I discovered there was a few hairline cracks on my car's radiator top during the eve of Chinese New Year. All the mechanics in my hometown are already closed that time. When I called up a few mechanics, most of them told me that they will only open for business on the 8th day of CNY and the car radiator workshop would open on the 10th day. Therefore, if I don't get something done, I would not be able to drive back to KL or use my car during that time. Waiting in my hometown till the 10th day would be a no no, because I need to get back to KL earlier than that.
Luckilly, the hypermarkets are still open for business and I found steel filled epoxy that can be used to temporarily repair radiators in a DIY shop there. I mixed the epoxy with the hardener and patched up the leaks on my radiator. After that, I managed to drive back to KL and the radiator only lost around 0.5 litre of water. LOL!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yummy Local Made Bread Stick (Roti Biskut) from SB Bakery

My wife's colleague got this packet yummy bread stick for us from an Indian motorbike breadman. I have eaten other local made bread stick before but they are not as nice as this one. Most of the ones I ate previously have rather hard texture but not this one from SB Bakery.
The bread stick is around 5" in length and around 0.5" in diameter.......errr, bread stick ah....dun think of 'something' else lorr....ha ha ha.

It is very crunchy, light and  have a really nice fresh baked bread aroma. Taste really good with my morning coffee!
For Rm1.50 (USD 0.50) per packet, it is really worth the price.

The ingredients printed on the packed says the bread sticks are made from wheat flour, sugar, butter, salt, yeast, milk and a little colouring. Mmmmm, colouring?...I don't think it needs!

SB Bakery address in the packet stated as :
No 5, Jalan Perisa 2,
Taman Happy Garden
Jalan Klang Lama
58200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-79810760

Friday, March 16, 2012

Enter the Chinaman Wok Hei Spaghetti?.........

My daughter has been telling me for quite some time already that the spaghetti in a coffee shop near her school is very tasty. So, one day, I went there with her and see how the stall owner cooks it. He fried the spaghetti with high heat in a wok which resulted in nice 'wok hei' (wok heat) smell. The sausage is deep fried in hot oil. No wonder, my daughter likes this spaghetti with sausage very much.  ha ha ha!

Actually, if you have eaten spaghetti in western countries or maybe in high end Italian restaurants, it has a very distinct fresh tomato taste and aroma. Basil, oregano, olive oil and parmesan cheese are often added as well for additional flavours. The original spaghetti dish have very mild flavours and many asians find it not suitable for their taste buds when they first try it. You might not taste these original flavours on the first bite but if you try a little harder to savour the natural herbs and ingredients flavour, very soon you will learn to enjoy these yummy Italian fare......

Enter the Chinaman  Wok Hei Spaghetti.....ha ha ha! Therefore, most of the spaghetti we get here have had their recipe tweaked a little to suit our asian taste. The sauce has very much stronger flavours which masked the natural tomato flavours and taste. Furthermore, you can find that the sauce also has more salt in it! Some might also add in chili sauce or cili padi (bird eye chili) which will kill the natural flavours. lol!

Chinaman or not........I love this 'Wok Hei' spaghetti.......ha ha ha!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Famous Curry and Jawa Mee (noodles) at Hoi Kee Segambut

Nice yummy Jawa Mee with lots of 'liew' (condiments).....yum yum!
It took me some time to locate this restaurant which is famous for it's Jawa Mee. You can find many reviews about this wonderful dish that is served here but the direction to this place is rather vague. In order to find the place, you can refer to my concise map below. Hoi Kee is located in the midst of busy light industrial shoplots and factories, mainly in the automobile business. Parking around this area is a headache, so get ready to park your car a little further away or you might risk getting it scratched by forklifts that move in and out of the factories and warehouses.
The jawa mee has thick gravy that is a little spicy with a tinge of sweetness in it. I like the crispy prawn fritters that came with it. At RM4.50 per plate, this is reasonable price!
The lady owner and assistant manning the stall are very friendly too, despite the popularity they received. We spoke in Hokkien.....heh, heh, good lah, 'ka ki lang' (own people), LOL!

My wife decided to try the Curry Mee from this very same stall. Actually they also have Hokkien Mee (Har Mee) but I will leave that for my next visit because we will not be able to finish another bowl of noodle...
This is one of the best curry mee that I have tasted and it made it to my must have curry mee list. The gravy is creammy but not very thick. The combination of chili and spices is just perfect. I love the taste very much. It is a little similar to the Sisters Curry Mee in PJ but I like this one more.
Hey Babanaz (opps sorry Bananaz.....this is how my little Korean boy pronounce Banana...ha ha ha), we should visit this place in our next 'Curry Mee' hunting trip........

My youngest son insisted that he wanted char siew and chicken rice. The serving is rather generous and what I like is they have a generous portion of spring onions with oil accompanying the dish. Can you notice it in the photo below? Sorrylah...the photo a little son can't wait to get his hands on the chicken and char siew.....ha ha ha!

Map and Address of Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Hoi Kee Segambut

Address :
Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Hoi Kee
No. 2 Jalan Segambut Selatan (T Junction with Jalan Segambut Tengah)
51200, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cencaru Sumbat Sambal Goreng Recipe (Hard Tail Scad fish stuffed with fried Chillies)

I bought some fresh table size Cencaru from the market last week. I have not been cooking Cencaru Sumbat cili (Chili stuffed fish) for quite sometime due to the hassle of having to saute the chili paste separately before stuffing it into the fish and then deep frying them. However, cencaru fish taste very delicious when cooked this way. Even my four year old son enjoy this spicy treat! LOL!

Here is my recipe for Cencaru Sumbat Sambal Goreng (Hardtail Scad Fish Stuffed with fried chillies)

Cencaru Fish, 2 pcs, cut near dorsal fins to form pocket to hold the sambal (chilli)
Chilli paste, 1 tablespoon
Shallots, 3 pcs, blended
Tamarind juice, to taste
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Vegetable oil

Pour vegetable oil into hot wok. Saute, shallots and chilli paste until fragrant. Add tamarind juice, salt and sugar to taste. Fry until the mixture turned into a semi dry paste. Stuff the chilli paste (sambal) into the fish. Heat up enough oil for deep frying. Fry fish at high heat until they turned golden brown. Serve while still hot!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Newbox KTV Karoake

Sorry, the photo above is a bit blur....I was shivering because.the centralized aircon in this building is really cold....remember to bring along your jacket! lol!

I would normally bring my family to this karoake in Subang Jaya whenever time permits. It is a good way to spend quality time with my family and they enjoy singing here very much. This is a family concept karaoke, so you will see many family with little kids there during the weekend. The cost per person is RM11.90 (++) (morning/noon session. The price includes a private karoake room usage, semi buffet (drinks, cakes, fruits) and a choice of lunch meal for each person. This offer is only valid from 11am to 2pm but if the afternoon session is not fully booked, they will extend the time to 3pm for you! lol!
Check out their 'huge' and well equiped larger party room.........very nice!

The buffet section which is located next to the reception counter.........

Sorry ahh....all the food were half eaten before I remember to take photos.......too busy singing away! ha ha ha!

This is the Sin Chiew Fried Bihun. Quite nice....recomended.
 My youngest son would always want rice, so I ordered fried rice for him. so only....
 I would recomend that you try this Char Kueh Teow.....delicious!

Address and contact of Newbox KTV, Subang Jaya
Lot No 15.4, 1 st Floor, THE 19USJ,
Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 19,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel : +603 80248130

Monday, March 5, 2012

Baked Eggs Recipe

I adapted this Baked Eggs from one of Lena's (Frozen Wings) Blog recipe. I did not use basil leaves here because I do not want to go outside my house at 4am plus in the morning to pluck the basil that I have planted in pots. Anyway, my son had this hearthy and healthy breakfast before leaving for school. Everyone in my family loves this simple Baked Eggs recipe. It is a good way to make use of your day old leftover bread.

Bread, enough to cover your baking pan
Tomato, 1 pc, cut into slices
Potato, 1 large, boiled till soft, cut into bite sizes
Bacon, 1/2 bowl, cut into small bits
Onions, 1 pc, cut into thin slices
Black Pepper, as toppings
Cheese, as toppings
Eggs, 4 pcs

Pour a litte water into a frying pan and put in the bacon. Fry until bacon is crispy. This is a good way to make the oil in the bacon come out and use it to fry the bacon with it. Put in the onions and saute it until fragrant. Put the crispy bacon and onions aside. Spread some oil evenly on the baking tray. Line the bottom of the pan with bread slices. Put in the boiled potatoes, bacon and onions. Cover the top with tomato slices. Gently break the eggs on top of all the other ingredients. Top everything with cheese and black pepper. Bake in preheated oven at 200 Deg C for 15 minutes. Serve while still hot.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Genie Chuo (卓文萱, Genie Zhuo, Xuan Xuan (萱萱), Xiao Mi (小咪)) Meeting Fans at Selayang Mall

My kids have been reminding me for weeks about their favourite Taiwanese Mandopop and actress, Genie Zhuo meeting the fans session in Selayang mall. They have been singing most of her songs during our family numerous karaoke outings during the weekends. So, today I have to drive them there to see Genie Chuo. 
We were late because I mistaken another mall for Selayang mall. Anyway, we made it just on time and the kids rushed into the centre court of Selayang Mall while I looked for parking.

By the time I parked the car and got down from the lifts, fans were already queueing up to get the artist autograph.
I was probably the oldest guy there, surrounded by a crowd of teenagers! LOL!

My kids waiting for Genie to sign her poster and latest album, Just The Way I Am.

After a meal at MC D, they went back happily with an autograph poster........and

Genie's latest album which my kids used their pocket money to buy. Cost them RM45.....

Genie's song Love Castle 爱的城堡 - 卓文萱

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple & Nice Stir Fried Sang Yee Fish Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onions Recipe

I chanced upon a fishmonger selling sang yee (snakehead, haruan) fish fillet at the wet market and quickly bought a plate. It has been quite some time ago since my family ate Sang Yee fish. I love the smooth and sweet texture of this fish and the addition of a little corn flour to this recipe make it even smoother.
You can eat this dish with either steamed rice or porridge.

Sang Yee or any type of fish you fancy, fillet, 500 gms
Ginger, 5 slices
Spring Onions, 2 stalks, cut into 1 " length
Shao Shing Chiew, 1 teaspoon
Corn flour and water mixture
Sesame Oil, a few drops
Salt to taste
Garlic, 3 cloves, chopped finely
Onions, 1 pc, cut into four

Heat up wok and pour in around 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Saute ginger, garlic and onions until fragrant. Put in the fish fillet. Stir fry for a short while or until the fillet is cooked. Add sesame oil, shao shing chiew and salt to taste. Pour in a little corn flour and water mixture. Throw in the spring onions.
Serve  Stir Fried Sang Yee Fish Fillet with Ginger & Spring onion while still hot!

Coffee Shop Talk With my American Friend - Rare Earth Plant

My morning coffee shop talk with my American friend continues;.........the controversial rare earth plant.

John : Hey Pete, good morning.

Pete : Hi John, good morning. How's your night outing with Ah Beng last night? You guys manage to catch any 'radiation' from the girls that hang out at the night spot? ha ha ha!

John : Ho ho, no Pete. Talking about radiation, I think these protesters are going all out against the rare earth plant set up.

Ah Beng : What rare earth yo? Earth also got rare wan(one) meh?

Ah Lian : ha ha ha, Rare, Medium and Well Done Steak I know lah! John taught me wan.....

Ahmad : he he he, sedikit masak (rare), separuh masak(medium) and masak penuh (well done).

Pete : ha ha ha! Rare Earth are metals or minerals that are found scattered around our earth crust, very      seldom in concentrated area, thus the name Rare.....
Most of  the gadgets and devices you use today have these elements in them. However, the by product or waste of these useful metal are mild radiactive slurries......and also very toxic acid is used in the refining process.

Ah Lian : ooooo, wei, how come you know so much?

Pete : I love to read books about particle physics and nuclear stuff! Maybe, I should apply for a job there.......

Ah Lian : Better not Pete,......nanti, your 'thing' kenot (cannot) function properly, then you know....ha ha ha

John :  So, Ah Beng, you better wear Lead (plumbum) swimming trunk when you go swimming in the east coast next time........or else you will find funny things happening to your 'little brother'! ha ha ha

Ah Beng : Whatttt! Takut (scared) lerrrr!

Ahmad : Wah, like that, ask these people to go back their country lah!

Pete : But, they already invested so much to set up the plant leh!

Ahmad : Itu dia orang punya pasal lah! Mereka kata tak bahaya, kenapa tak bina kilang nadir bumi (rare earth) di Putrajaya! Di belakang jamban rumah mereka tu lagi baik !
(That is their own problem. If it is not dangerous, then ask them to build the plant in Putrajaya. Next to their own home toilet even better)

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