Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My American Friend Celebrates Chinese New Year with Ah Lian and Family

It has been quite some time since the last time I posted jokes about my American friend, John, adventure or you can say misadventure in Malaysia. Well, John was visiting Ah Lian family in Kg Chempaka, Petaling Jaya during the Chinese New Year celebration this year.

Ah Lian : John, our family would get together during the first day of Chinese New Year and exchange red packets (Ang Pau).

John: What are red packets?

Ah Lian : Aiya, is those red envelopes with money inside. Married couples are supposed to give Ang Pau to children and unmarried relatives.

John: Gosh, luckily I am not married yet. So, how many Ang Pau can I collect from your house? What should I do to get one?

Ah Lian : Just greet the elders ‘Kong Hei Fatt Choy’, and then they will give you ang pou lorrrrr!

John: Ok, dokey!

Ah Lian : John, this is my daddy. Everyone calls him Uncle Loong.

John : Hi, Uncle Long, ‘Kong Hei Fatt Choi’............

Uncle Loong : Good, good.....here one Ang Pau for you!

John : Wah, so big......your ‘Big Ear Hole’ aka ‘Tai Yee Long’ business must be doing well eh?

Ah Lian : Choi choi choi, @x&*#@ my daddy not Ah Long larrrrrrr. Loong is Chinese is Dragon.........not that Ah Long lohhhhhhh!

Note : ‘Big Ear Hole’ or Tai Yee Long, term contribute by my buddy Bringing Back The Good Times Tai Yee Long is a Cantonese term for illegal money lending business owners!

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Josephine said...

And mo donno what is 'Vomit Blood'too...

mistipurple said...

you must write and publish all these one day.

Pete said...

Josephine : Cultural shock for the ang mo, LOL

Misti : That's a good idea....will write more! Send you one, when I published my book! Cheers!

Satya said...

Celebrities in Avatar getup


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