Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jokes – A Lady Whacked My American Friend with an Umbrella

One day, my American friend, John (not his real name) turned up at the office with bruises on his forehead. When I asked him what happened, he told me this story. A lady, her young daughter and John were waiting for bus at a bus stop. Not far away, there was a group of dogs surrounding a bitch in heat. As usual after a while, one of the dogs will start to do the ‘thing’ with the bitch.

Daughter: Mummy, mummy, what are the dogs doing?

Lady: They are quarrelling.

John: No, they are not quarrelling.

Daughter: Uncle says they are not quarrelling. What are they doing?


John: Your mummy is not telling the truth.

Lady: Just shut up, they are quarrelling!

John: Ok, ok I agree with you. You want to ‘quarrel’ with me tonight? My place or your place?

Then the lady whacked him with her umbrella!

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mistipurple said...

hahahha. might they need some plastic bags? i have plenty. *winkwinkwink* lol

levian said...

haha gosh. i heard it somewhere before, but it's still funny as i reread it. XD

Pete said...

Misti : Aiyo, make sure the bags are not used to put chilli padi before lorr. Ha ha

levian : Ha ha, maybe this time my American friend is pulling my leg lorr. LOL

Chris said...

Haha... must notice meaning behind oh..

hot garlic said...

No offense, but your friend kinda deserved it! That would seriously CREEP me out for someone to talk like that, and to be talking about the dogs in front of my kid when I'm trying to shelter her from it.

hot garlic said...

Oh, duh, it was a joke. I'm not really up on this 'my American friend' series of jokes.

My Bug Life said...

hhahha...funny one!

Edward said...

Lol, good one!

CRIZ LAI said...

LOL! On the other hand, I can imagine how many more questions she would be asked if she were to answer directly. :P

Josephine said...


cleffairy said...

Pete ahh, your American friend ahh, really must be careful ohh... wait next time people bash him up like hell. LMAO.

mistipurple said...

no new angmo stories today ah? :P
since you make me laugh and happy, i will give free plastic bags with rubber bands today for all your american friends. :P

Calvin Soo KJ said...

are all americans that hamsap? lol

suituapui said...

These over-protective mums! U heard of the girl from a very sheltered background?

Her friend scolded her, "****!!!" (Female private part in Chinese). She did not know the word so when she went home she asked her mum who quickly tried to cover it up saying, "Oh! That's another word for 'grandma'!"

Later that day, the grandma happened to drop by the house. The girl, seeing her, shouted out to her mum, "Mak! Mak! **** datang!!!"

Chen said...

LOL at misti.
hopefully no holes at the plastic bag, huh?

Pete said...

Chris : Ha Ha,you didn't miss it! Welcome back from your holidays!

Hot Garlic : No problem, it is a series of joke abt my American friend in Malaysia.

My bug life : Thks for dropping by.

Edward : Ha, u always like the American jokes series lorr!

Criz : Must be very skillful to explain this to kids.

Josephine : LOL or paiseh lorr! Imagine how to explain to a little kid. Must practise. ha ha.

Cleff : I must stay away from him lorrr!

Misti : You must have uncovered many rubber bands lying around when doing spring cleaning. Ha ha Ha.

Calvin : No larrr, sometime just a bit cheeky.

STP : Ha ha ha, must not try to bluff a kid, can backfire lorrr!

Chen : Thks for dropping by. Plastic bag must use blow air test. Misti might poke it with pins already, ha ha. LOL

foongpc said...

Haha! Very funny. But seriously I think the lady should tell her daughter the truth.

garfield said...

wah pete, ur fren always do sohai things 1 ar!?

everytime also see him kena becoz of his mouth 1

levian said...

i'm sure your friend would have learn his lesson by now. n that's for teasing others. :p

suituapui said...

Refer garfield's comment, what's the meaning of "sohai"? I know of an American lady in KL who went to a male tailor to make a mini-skirt. She kept ordering him to do something again and again...and in the end, he did as he was told and touched her private parts. She told him, "More high!...More high!" (I dunno Cantonese but they say it means "touch the private parts"! LOL!!!)

Pete said...

Fongpc : yes, I agree.

Garfield : I think ang moh more open to discussing adult stuff. They hv more exposure in their country. Some of the kids I met in US are very mature in thinking compare to kids their age in other countries.

levian : Ha ha, he sure does!

STP : I want to be a tailor for American ladies lorrr. Ha Ha ha.


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