Monday, October 13, 2008

Kam Heong Lala Recipe (Spicy Curry Flavour Shell Fish)

Aiya, paisehlah, forgot to remove my baby's pacifier from the table before taking this picture! He is keeping me very busy lorrr! LOL

Kam Heong sauce can go well with many types of dishes. One of my favourite is the Kam Heong Lala. Ingredients Lala, 600 gms, Soak in salt water to remove the mud (or you can just scald it with hot water), then drain away the water. Oyster sauce, 2 table spoons Light Soya Sauce, 2 table spoons Dark Soya Sauce, 1 teaspoon Ginger, 2”x2”x2”, cut into thin strips Shallots, 5 pcs, chopped finely Serai (lemongrass), 2 stalks, bashed Dried Prawns, 2 table spoons, soak in water and bashed slightly Curry powder, 2 table spoons Curry leaves, 3 stalks (optional) Chili paste, 2 table spoons Corn Flour, 2 table spoons, add with a little water Salt to taste Vegetable oil 3 table spoons Sautéed gingers, dried prawns, serai, curry leaves and shallots in hot oil until fragrant. Add curry powder, chili paste, oyster sauce, light soya sauce and dark soya sauce. Stir the mixture for a short while. Add in the lala and fry until all of them open up. Add corn flour and salt to taste. Note: This is my 100th post. Thank you for your support! Related Post : 1) 2) 3)


Anonymous said...

LOL... grats on your 100 post. LOL... :-P

Pete said...

Dear Cleff, thks for your support.

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