Thursday, October 2, 2008

Puri – Al Safa Restaurant (Mamak Stall)

Roti Canai is the main dish that many people will order whenever they visit the Mamak stall. I normally will go for the Puri which is not so oily and less filling. Puri is made from atta flour (whole grain durum wheat flour) and it taste nice. Puri is a popular vegetarian food. The puri puffs like a balloon just after frying and it is best eaten hot of the frying pan. I love to eat it with potato masala. I normally have my puri at Al Safa Restaurant. Try out the mee goreng(fried yellow noodles) when you are there. Address: Al Safa Jalan Damar SD15/1 Bdr Sri Damansara 52200, Kuala Lumpur GPS : Latitude 3°11'3.23"N Longitude 101°36'31.73"E Map To Al Safa Restaurant, Jalan Damar SD15/1, Bandar Sri Damansara Related Post on Halal Restaurants : 1) 2)


Roses said...

i had puree before too...
dont really like it. it's quite heavy for me. even as a breakfast.

and you ate it with potato massala, double heavy...well, i guess men will be men =)
huge appetite

Bridge Schmidt said...

Roti Canai? I've seen this before on Beverly's post. It is like Malaysian Pancake, right?

Anyway, I hope to see more photos soon. And thanks for the comment Pete. I recently finished the story and I added more photos. It seems like today is my rest day so I had time to finish my post =)

cleffairy said...

My mom knows how to make puri...but hers are smaller and very crunchy. :-D

Liz Stambaugh said...

Hi, I was wondering if you would ever be interested in becoming a featured publisher with If so please conctact me at

Pete said...

Roses : Ha Ha, u r a small eater. Puri is a lot lighter than roti canai lorr.

Bridge : It is different from roti canai. Roti canai is made from Wheat flour but puri is made from Atta Flour. Puri is hollow like a pillow.

Cleff : I love cruncy puri. Can I visit your mom? LOL

Liz : Hi Liz, Thks for the offer. I am already in communication with Amy of Foodbuzz. Cheers.

cleffairy said...

I like puri better than roti canai...the crunchy ones, of course...Pete, my mom said the secret to the crunchiness is actually the err...minyak sapi that she used...I have no idea what is that, though. LOL. Pete, what is minyak sapi, anyway? 0.O

Pete said...

Cleff : Minyak sapi is Ghee, the ones you see in green tins at mamak stall. In English it is clarified butter.


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