Thursday, July 3, 2008

Food -Mee Rebus, Restaurant Nasi Kandar Che Abang at Tesco Ampang, KL -Halal

Restaurant Nasi Kandar Che Abang and Mee Rebus Note the packet of Mee Rebus that I 'Ta Pau" All gone except the lime skin! After my taking my lunch(low shi fun) in Pandan Jaya, I headed to Tesco Ampang to eat the Mee Rebus (Noodle with spicy gravy) in Restaurant Nasi Kandar Che Abang Kepala Batas. My wife would always remind me to ‘ta pau’ (takeaway) for her the mee rebus from this restaurant whenever she knows that I am heading toward this area. She claimed that the mee taste similar to the one she used to eat in her hometown, Butterworth, Penang. The gravy is a bit special as it is not thick but has the right combination of sweetness, spiciness and taste great with the lime provided. For RM4.00 the serving is rather large and I downed all of the mee with a glass of iced tea. However, service can be a bit erratic at times, wave and call out loud if the staff did not notice you! Address : Restaurant Nasi Kandar Che Abang(Kepala Batas) Tesco Ampang, MRR II, Ampang Tesco Ampang Map
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