Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Simple Recipe (NV) – Marmite Chicken

Sorry, only a few pieces left! My kids already ate some!

This is a very simple recipe and kids love the taste of Marmite Chicken.

1) Half a Chicken, cut into small pieces wash and dry with towel
2) Marmite, 1 table spoon
3) Plum Sauce, 2 table spoon
4) Sugar, 2 table spoon
5) Oil for deep frying

Heat up wok and pour in some oil. Do not marinate the chicken. Fry the plain chicken in the wok when the oil is hot. Do not fry too long if you want the chicken to be tender. Take out the chicken and put aside.Pour out the extra oil from the wok. Put a quarter cup of water in the wok and add in marmite, plum sauce and sugar. Stir until the sauce becomes thick. Add the chicken and stir for a short while so that the sauce will coat the chicken evenly.


lcfu said...

wow this reminds my coca cola chicken instead of marmite

Pete said...

U can replace the marmite with coke, but add less sugar if u use coke.

Anonymous said...

Hi pete. This is my first visit here. I clicked your link through Calvin's blog. I never tried coca-cola chicken before, had no idea where to find them or how to cook them.

Now this is something new to me. Marmite chicken. And here i thought marmite can only be eaten with porridge as baby's food!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hmmmm...this reminds me of the ol days when we were very much cashless. My mum can only afford to give us plain porridge with slices of carrots and marmite. And look what I've become...lol. Not forgetting bovril...till this day, one of my favs (and im still growing....sideways :P)

Pete said...

cleffairy : Thks for visiting. Coke chicken is a favourite dish, normally served at home. The acid in coke will soften the chicken and make it tender and if you add flour to it the bubbles will make the flour coated outer layer crispy. Some restaurant here serve marmite crab as their specialty. With chili added to the marmite crab.... oh la la yummy leh!

Calvin : Then I will need to take more marmite and Bovril because I am too skinny lah!

Bigdaddy said...

hi pete... very simple recipe and preparation... looks great!

Pete said...

hi Bigdaddy, you can check out my other blog just for vegetarian recipe that I started 2 weeks ago. http://veganformation.blogspot.com.

Happy cooking!

Keropok Man said...

I remember having marmite chicken. They are absolutely yummy! :-)

Pete said...

KeropoMan, thks for dropping by. Cheers!


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