Monday, July 28, 2008

Bruce Lee 35th Death Anniversary – Remembering a Great Martial Artist

Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong on 20th July 1973. He was 32 year old then and was at the peak of his career. Bruce was widely known as a very popular martial artist and actor. His father sent him to learn Wing Chun from Master Yip Man at a very young age. Lee perfected traditional fighting style and created Jeet Kune Do. Normally, when someone is attacked, he will block (defense) and look for opportunity to counter attack. In offensive defense, the technique involves combination of offense and defense. By doing this we can keep the opponent continually on the defensive because all attack are countered off with offense. For example, when an opponent try to punch you, one of his legs will advance towards you. When he is halfway through you can use your leg to attack his shin and knee. Using your leg to attack will also give you the advantage of reach which is longer than the opponent arm reach. Bruce one inch punch was known to send a 200lbs man flying back 15 feet. He was also well known for being able to perform exceptional physical feat like one-hand push-ups using only his thumb and index finger and breaking a punching bag with a sidekick. Among Bruce’s famous quote, the one that I like most is ‘Be self aware rather than a repetitious robot.’ We can apply this quote in martial art training and also our daily life. 'Woh oh oh oh, everybody loves Kung Fu fighting, hah uh….'I will be humming this popular song all day long. Can’t wait to drop by the gym in the morning! LOL These are the books about Bruce that I have read.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

You must really be a Bruce Lee fan. You can be one too, but try not ending up like him. 32 years of unblossomed life...hehehe. As for the durians, not quite sure about Kijal. But my boss just bought for me the one they called "mou sang" durian from Raub. Damn expensive...about RM72 per kilo. Taste damn should try. But you wont be able to get it in KL....if you do, it would cost triple the amount.....drooling yet?

Pete said...

Hah hah, Calvin, Bruce is not only a martial artist but a good philosopher and I appreciate his work in analyzing many other types of martial arts.
Coming back to Durian, Mou Sang real expensive. Raub will be nearer, maybe I check it out when I am there. Drooling already...lah, bought 2 rounds of durians last weekend!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

I just had mou sang yesterday. damn good. but too bad its too expensive. my boss bought from gotong jaya RM88 per kilo. she bought 15, costs her almost RM1K. my boss is one crazy

Pete said...

Wah lau leh, you got such a good lady boss. Still available or not? Ha ha just joking. RM1k on durians!


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