Thursday, July 28, 2011

Durian Klon Bersih (Clone)?

Woo weee, sore throat is gone.......time to sapu (wallop) durian! The durians below might look a little wrinkled but they are bitter, sweet, dry and creamy. Excuse me ya, time to 'makan' (eat) my durian!

Then sapu everything until 'Bersih' (clean) ! ha ha ha!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ikan Selar Kuning Recipe ala Bersih? (Yellow Banded Scad with Turmeric ala Clean recipe)

No no no, this dish has got nothing to do with 'bersih'. It just happened to be yellow in colour because of the turmeric powder I used. I love the sourish gravy and would flood my rice with it. The fish I used in the above photo is Selar Kuning (Yellow Banded Scad). I pre fried the fish before pouring the gravy over it so that this wonderful dish taste better.

Here is my Ikan Selar Kuning Bersih recipe! ha ha ha!

Ikan Selar Kuning (Yellow Banded Scad), 5 pcs
Turmeric, 1 teaspoon
Vinegar, 3 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Garlic, 3 cloves, smashed
Fresh chilly, 1pc, for garnishing, cut into slices
Vegetable oil

Deep fry the Yellow Banded Scad fish in hot oil until they turned a little crispy. Take out the fish and drain away excess oil. Put a little oil in wok and saute garlic until fragrant. Add a little water, turmeric, vinegar, salt and sugar to taste. Bring to a boil and pour the gravy over the fried fish. Garnish with fresh chilli slices before serving.
Simple and delicious!

Sausage, Potato Wedges and Romaine Lettuce for Breakfast.....opps, wait, What is this?

One day, I cooked sausage and potato wedges to eat with Romaine Lettuce for breakfast. Then I snapped the photo below......

When I downloaded my photos into the computer, I found the photos below and was puzzled for a while! Coconut tree growing on the potato wedges! Who was the culprit?

Then I discovered this photo!

Later, I found out that my daughter had taken the plastic tree from her 'Ti Ti' (Younger brother) toy soldier set and used it in the photos. Mmmmmm, no wonder she didn't manage to finish her homework........!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sesame oil, Eggs, Ginger and Pork Soup - A Confinement Dish

My wife loves this soup which she used to take during her confinement period. We still cook this dish occasionally to eat with rice. The soup has very strong sesame oil aroma and sweet flavours from the pork. I normally use lean pork but those with a little fat would make the soup taste better.
It is good to drink this soup, especially during rainy days when you need some hot soup to perk yourself up!

Here is my recipe for Sesame Oil, Eggs, Ginger and Pork Confinement Soup.

Lean pork or pork belly, 100 gms, cut into bite sizes
Eggs, 2 pcs
Sesame oil, 1 tablespoon
Light Soya sauce, 3 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Celery for granishing
Garlic, 3 cloves, chopped finely
Ginger, 2"x1", cut into strips

Fry eggs, sunny side up and put aside. Add some vegetable oil in wok. Saute ginger and  garlic until golden brown. Pour in the sesame oil. Add lean pork and stir fry for a short while (Opps, missed this step, thank you Yvonne for highlighting it to me). Add aound 2 to 3 rice bowl of water. Put in the light soya sauce and salt. bring to boil. Pour the soup on the sunny side up eggs. Garnish with celery before serving.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cooking With Microwave Oven - Maggi Assam Laksa Instant Noodle

I tried cooking instant noodles with the microwave oven and found that it is very easy do so compared with using my gas cooker. I don't have to wait for the water to boil and it only takes me 2 and a half minutes to cook it with in microwave oven.
I put a packet of maggi assam laksa noodles in a bowl and add in the soup mix. Then I throw in 3 pieces of Fu Chuk (Fried bean curd skins). After that I pour hot water into the bowl. Lastly, I cook the bowl of maggi assam laksa noodles in the microwave oven at high heat for 2 and a half minutes.
Simple and easy! Going to enjoy my Maggi assam laksa supper now........bye!

Rain Rain Go Away, I want to Cycle Everyday!

My youngest son loves to cycle and he would want to ride his bicycle almost everyday. Sometimes he would bug me to take him cycling around the neighbourhood. Then, I would would have to run after him whenever he cycles too fast!
Everytime when it rains, he would start to sing Rain Rain go away! LOL!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Braised Black Vinegar Chicken Feet with Star Anise Recipe

Mmmm, chicken feet dish, yum yum! I love chewing away on tender braised chicken feet. For extra flavours, I added black vinegar to the chicken feet. The chicken feet would taste better if you marinade and pre fried them in hot oil.
Here is my Braised Black Vinegar Chicken Feet with Star Anise Recipe.

Chicken Feet, 10 pcs,
Light soya sauce, 3 table spoons
Dark soya sauce, 1 teaspoon
Star Anise, 2 pcs
Cinnamon, 1 stick
Garlic, 1 bulb
Black Vinegar, to taste (I used around 3 tablespoons)
Salt to taste
Water, enough to cover the chicken feet
Corn flour and water mixture
Pepper, a dash

Marinade the chicken feet with a little light soya sauce. Deep fry it in hot oil until golden brown. Put the pre fried chicken feet in a pot and pour in some water. Add light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, star anise, cinnamon, garlic, black vinegar, salt and pepper.  Boil until the chicken feet become tender. Add corn flour and water mixture to thicken the gravy. For some greens, I put some sawi vegetable into the chicken feet dish and boil for a short while. Taste reall good with steamed rice.......

Thin Kai Chook (Paddy Field Frogs Porridge) Lunch at Pan Heong Restaurant, Batu Caves, Gombak

I have been to the famous Pan Heong Restaurant before but this is the first time I blog about it. Pan Heong has been around for quite some time and the food here are delicious. After a good exercise of stairs climbing at Batu Caves, I took my niece and her friend to Pan Heong for lunch. She has never tasted paddy frogs, so I ordered a bowl of paddy frog porridge for her to try our. The broth is very sweet and tasty! The paddy frogs in the porridge goes along well with the century eggs in it.

The sauce for this crispy fried mantis prawn is very special and tasty. It taste a bit like the sauce for Pai Kwot Wong (special sauce ribs). My little toddler loves this dish very much. Thumbs up!

This Wat Tan Hor (Braised Flat Rice Noodle) gravy is very rich and full of flavours. Taste good with a little chilly padi in light soya sauce. Yum yum!
The  total bill for 4 adults and 1 toddler plus drinks (Chinese Tea) came up to be RM43.

Address and Map to Pan Heong Restaurant, Batu Caves

No. 2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2, Medan Batu Caves,
Selangor, 68100

Opening Hours 8am to 3.30 pm

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Batu Caves, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur

My niece and her friend from Australia dropped by for a visit in KL and wanted to see the famous Batu Caves in Gombak. My last visit to Batu Caves was 8 years ago and this time my little toddler tagged along.
Here are some random photos  of the famous tourist spot in KL...

Majestic Gold Statue of Lord Murugan at the steps leading to the caves. This is the tallest Lord Muruga statue in the world. It was drizzling when we started to climb up the 272 steps. I have to carry my little toddler half way up the steps. Gosh, I am a little bit out of shape liao! lol! It was a good morning exercise for me.

Finally, we reached the entrance of the caves.

Nice formation of lime stones and mineral deposits inside the caves...

One more round of steps to climb to reach the end section.....

Why did the chicken enter the cave?

 It was drizzling out side, so most of the monkeys went indoor into the caves.

Another monkey......The Malaysian Long Tail Macaque

An opening in the middle of the caves. A nice view up!

Have to carry my little toddler all the way down again. The steps are wet and a little slippery. I proceeded slowly down.
The dark cave is at the bottom of the steps. There is a counter at the entrance of this dark cave, in which you can register for guided dark cave exploration for a small fee. Look out for the Trap Door Spider here. My little toddler wanted to go in the dark cave but I guess he is still too small for dark cave expedition.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Braised Mixed Vegetable Recipe - Time to clear the fridge

I was clearing my fridge when I discovered that I have small portion of cabbage, a capsicum and carrot left. They are still fresh and I have actually used them in my other dishes before hand. I mixed all of these vegetables together to cook Braised Mixed Vegetable dish.
Here is the recipe

Capsicum, 1 pc, cut into bite size
Carrot, 1 pc, cut into slices
Cabbage, 5 small leaves, cut in to bite size
Onion, 1 pc, cut into 4
Garlic, 5 cloves, chopped finely
Shao Sing Chiew(Chinese Cooking Wine), 1 tablespoon
Corn flour and water mixture to thicken the gravy
Light soya sauce, 1 tablespoon
Oyster sauce, 1 teaspoon
Prawn, 5 pcs, shelled
Pepper, a dash
Salt to taste

Heat up wok and add in some vegetable oil. Saute garlic until fragrant. Add in the onions, bell pepper (capsicum), carrot, prawns and cabbage. Stir fry them for a short while under high heat. Add a little water, light soya sauce, shao sing chiew, oyster sauce, pepper and salt to taste. Thicken the gravy with corn flour and water mixture.
Serve while still hot.

Have a nice weekend!

Microwave Oven Ee Mee

The bowl of ee mee (pre fried egg noodles) in the photo above is not cooked; before I put it in the microwave oven. My daughter complained that she was hungry, so I decided to use the leftover soup for steamboat to cook ee mee for her. The steamboat soup is very flavourful and this bowl of ee mee must have been very tasty because by the time I realised that I forgot to snap a photo of the cooked ee mee, my daugther already finished half of it.
To cook this ee mee, I put a block of ee mee into a bowl of steamboat soup. Then I add in an egg, a few drop of sesame oil and a little pepper. After that, I put the whole bowl in to the microwave oven and zapped it at high heat for around 5 minutes. The ee mee is ready to eat!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Angry Boss - Dare to paste this at your workplace?

Angry Bird......nom nom.......Angry Bird......nom nom...........Angry Bird......nom nom.....

Arrrrrrr, here comes Angry Boss....

Dare to paste this at your workplace? ha ha ha!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cooking With Microwave Oven - Lean Tenderloin Char Siew Recipe

Meat that are cooked in Microwave oven tends to be tougher and would hardened when cooled. In order to solve this problem, I experimented with tenderloin which is the tenderest cut of pork. I put the whole tenderloin strip in the microwave oven to cook so that the juice would be sealed inside it. I do not want to end up with dried meat! LOL!

Here is my recipe for Lean Tenderloin Pork Char Siew

Pork tenderloin, 1 strip
Sugar, 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Light soya sauce, 2 tablespoons
Five Spice powder, 1 teaspoon
Fish sauce, 1 teaspoon (optional)
Corn flour, 2 teaspoons

Marinade pork tenderloin overnight with all the ingredients. Cook the marinated pork tenderloin in microwave oven over high heat for 15 minutes. Turn off the microwave oven power and take out the pork tenderloin. Turn the meat over to the other side. Cook in microwave oven for another 10 minutes. Take the pork tendeloin char siew out from the oven and let it cooled down a little before cutting it into slice. You can make char siew sauce from the leftover marinate by heating it up and bring to a boil. Drizzle a little char siew sauce on the tenderloin char siew before serving.

Sunday Brunch of Curry Mee and Teow Chew Porridge at Sun Fatt Kee

 I brought my family to Sun Fatt Kee Restaurant in Seapark, Petaling Jaya last weekend. While my wife and kids settled for the rice and porridge, I tried out the famed Sisters' Curry Mee(RM5 per Bowl). The curry mee soup has really nice spices aroma, not too strong, just right. Somehow, they managed to get all the right combination of ingredients to create this "Masterpiece Curry Mee"! LOL!This is one of the best curry mee I ever tasted. Thumbs up! (Note, I don't eat See Ham(cockle), so I requested for a curry mee without See ham).

The photo below show the dishes that my family had with rice and porridge. We had Fried Anchovies, lobak (5 spices meat rolls) and Steamed Minced Meat. These are the three main dishes that my kids love very much. I have been eating the Teow Chew porridge from this stall with friendly owners for almost 16 year already! The food quality is still as good as ever. These 3 dishes with 1 rice and 2 bowls of porridge cost RM11. A very reasonable place to have very tasty Teow Chew porridge.

Address: Restoran Sun Fatt Kee 2, Jalan 21/11 B, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Directly at the back of Maybank Seapark and opposite the wet market)
Google Earth Coordinates: Latitude 3.109909, Longitude101.622376

Map to Sun Fatt Kee, Seapark

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stingray with Salted Vegetable (Local Ham Choy, Kiam Chye) Recipe

The original recipe uses shark meat but I tuned it a little and used stingray instead. Shark and stingrays meat have almost the same texture. Local ham choy (salted vegetable) is suitable for this dish. Imported ham choy are normally used in soup and locally produced ones are often stir fried. You can eat this dish with rice or porridge.

Stingray, cut into large chunks
Local Ham Choy (Salted Vegetable), 2 stalks or more, cut small
Plum Sauce, 2 tablespoons
Ginger, 10 slices, cut into strips
Garlic, 3 cloves, chopped finely

Soak ham choy in water before cutting to get rid of the salt a little so that the dish will not turn out  too salty. Heat up wok and put in a little vegetable oil. Saute ginger strips and garlic until they turned golden brown. Add in the sting ray. Keep on frying until the stingray is cooked.(Alternatively you can prefry the stingray first). Add a little water and cover the wok with a lit to let the stingray cook evenly. Open the wok lid and add plum sauce. The Stingray with Salted Vegetable Dish is ready.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Trip Up Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) in the New Funicular Train

 My last trip to Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) was almost 20 years ago. Gosh, time really flies. I was in Penang during the recent school holidays and my wife suggested that we take the kids up to Penang Hill. At first I was a little reluctant to go because of the holidays crowd and the usual heavy traffic up Dato Keramat and Ayer Itam road. Anyway, I was glad that I finally made it up there again. Penang Hill brings back lots of fond memories during my younger days!
Here are some of the random photos I took....

The old entrance to the Funicular Railway station is still standing.....
 Queuing for the tickets. Family packages are available. Be ready with your family members' ICs to proof that you are Malaysian so that you will get to purchase specially priced tickets.
 Much more comfortable waiting area before going to the boarding platform...
 On the way up Penang Hill in the brand new Funicular Train!
 View from the top. The air is cool! Most of the places on  the top Penang Hill still look the same as the last time when I went up there.
 This old bungalow is still around! I think I stayed here 30 years ago!........Had some great time with my friends here!
 Then I met Mr Ulat Gonggok (Malaysian Giant Millipede, Diplopoda), all curled up nicely....
 Met another friend, Mr Ulat Bulu (Hairy Caterpillar).....better not touch it....your skin will itch badly if you do!
 This time not Ulat but Mr Ular or aka Mr Long (snake). I am always fascinated with snakes. When I was young, I asked my sister to buy me a book about snake written by a local professor. I am still keeping this book! Snake has very nice and smooth skin, just like your leather sofa.
My little toddler wanted to take photo with the snake. Aiyo, he thought that he can play with the snake (python) just like a pet! LOL!
 When I saw this little hawker stall up at Penang little headache went away! Wooooopie....time to eat! ha ha ha!
 Sapu (wallop) ice kacang (shaved ice with sweet syrup) first.....damm nice!
 Then go for Kueh Teow soup (mixed with bihun, rice vermicelli, kueh teow theng). Another nice bowl of food! Glorious Penang hawker food! yum yum yum!
 Still not enough, order another plate of Char Kueh Teow (Fried Flat Rice noodles)...he he he! Really nice and delicious! Then I down all the food with a can of cool 100 Plus...LOL!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hearthy Dinner at Khunthai Village Restaurant Butterworth

I didn't know that authentic Thai restaurant, Khunthai has an outlet in Butterworth. During my last trip to Butterworth, I had a large dinner gathering in Khuntai which is located very near to Li Hwa school where I used to play badminton very long time ago! lol!
It was a Saturday night and the restaurant is packed to the brim. This photo below shows the main dining hall. There are many small huts around this main structure which gave this place a cosy village like atmosphere.

Tomyam, the fiery hot, spicy and sour soup! A must have at Thai restaurant. This pot of Thai Tomyam is packed with flavours! Soup is good till the last drop. My son who loves Tomyam soup enjoyed it very much!

Kailan fried with salted fish.

Everyone loves this Thai Cha Om omelette. Cha Om (Acacia Pennata) has pungent water weed smell when raw but this smell would disappear after cooking. It is slightly bitter and the leaves are normally used to make omelette. This simple omelette is very tasty. We had 4 plates of this omelette! I recomend this dish! Thumbs up!

Steamed white Snapper, Thai style!

Crispy fried squid for the kids!

This dish is called the Nameless Chicken! What a unique name. The chicken are fried with spices and granished with crispy fried shallots. It has nice aroma and taste delicious! We ate 4 plates of this Nameless chicken!

27 of us ate 2 pots of Tomyam, 2 plates of Salted Fish Kailan, 4 plates of Cha Om Omelette, 4 plates of Deep fried Squid, 4 plates of Nameless Chicken and 2 plates of Thai Style Steamed fish. The total bill for 27 people was around four hundred Ringgit plus! Gosh, we really ate a lot that night! ha ha ha!

Map and Address of Khuntai

KhunThai Village Restaurant (BW) Sdn Bhd
No 104, Jalan Permatang Tengah, 12300
Tel : 604-3327523

KhunThai Village Restaurant (PJ) Sdn Bhd
No 6 Jalan 5/44, Petaling Garden, Off Jalan Gasing,
46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel & Fax : 603-77817523

KhunThai Desa Aman Puri
17A & 18A Jalan Desa 2/8,
Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kepong, Selangor
Tel 012 4905220
 Map to Khunthai Butterworth...


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