Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Repair Your Whistling Kettle - Step By Step Guide

It would be a waste to throw away a good stainless steel kettle just because the whisle is not working. Actually replacement parts for the whistle are sold by some vendors but finding a matching one is a real headache.
One of the reed (tiny metal plate that vibrate creating sound, often made from brass) of my whistling kettle broke when my wife tried to clean the reed chamber. Steam would rush through this large cavity and there would not be any whistling sound when the water boils. Actually I did not know that the reed was broken before opening up the whistle assembly. After repairing it, my kettle works fine again, like when it was new!

Step One - Open the screws that hold the reed chamber and top handle of the cover. Remove reed plates from the reed chamber. This whistling kettle has two reed plates and each plate has two reeds. It is made from brass but sometime you can find stainless steel, plastics or aluminium ones. This reed works just like the reed in your good old harmonica. When air rushes through the tiny gap, the vibration would create a whistling sound.

Step Two - For my case one of the reed was broken, so all the steam would take the easy way out through this large gap. Therefore, there was no whistling sound whenever the water boils. I used a metal sticker (the ones that are used to patch pots) to cover up this cavity. Then I pushed the other reed back in place to reduce the gap to enhance the whistling sound intensity.

Step Three - Fix the reed plates back into the plastic chamber which is actually the top holder. Screw back the plastic top holder on the kettle cover. Fill the whistling kettle with water and test it out.

The video below shows my repaired whistling kettle in action! he he he, just like a new whistling kettle! LOL!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deep Fried Pork in Tomato Sauce Recipe (Kulo Yoke, Sweet and Sour Pork)

I cooked this sweet and sour pork (kulo yoke) for my family's dinner before driving back to my hometown for Chinese New Year Celebration. This is one of my children favourite dish and I am sure your kids love this dish too.
I prepared this tomato sauce using minced pork meat. You can just coat them with corn flour or any fried chicken flour before deep frying them. If you want the meat to have more flavours, you can use this Mini Pork Balls recipe that I posted previously.

Here is my Sweet and Sour Pork  recipe (Pork in tomato sauce).

Pork, 300 gms, minced
Corn Flour, enough to coat the pork balls
Tomato sauce, 10 table spoons or more if you want to dish to have more gravy
Garlic, 3 cloves, chopped finely
Tomato, 1 pc, cut into 6 pcs
Onion, 1 pc, cut into 4
Cucumber, 1 small, cut into bite sizes
Bell Pepper, (optional), 1 pc, cut into bite size
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste

Coat minced pork with corn flour and deep fry them until golden brown. Put the deep fried pork aside. Heat up wok and pour in a little vegetable oil. Saute garlic until fragrant. Add a little water, tomato sauce, onion, bell pepper, salt and sugar. Bring to a boil.
Arrange the deep fried pork and cucumber on a serving dish. Pour the sauce over the deep fried pork and cucumber. Serve while still hot. Best eaten with steamed rice.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese New Year 2011 and 2012 - Mom

It was 2 days before 2011 Chinese New Year, my mom was diagnosed with cerebral bone spur (very painful symtoms) and was temporarily bedridden. She has already bought all the ingredients to cook for our family reunion dinner. I know that this dinner is very important to her and she would very much like our family to enjoy her cooking. Although I can whip up the same dishes, my cooking is not up to her standard. The only dish that she managed to prepare was the lobak (Five spice meat roll). Anyway, I have to take over her kitchen and cooked up the festival dish below.

Clockwise from the top : Lobak, Curry Chicken, Fried Mix Vegetable, Tau Eu Bak (Dark soya sauce Pork Belly), Pork Stomach soup, lobak again, Accar (Nyonya Spicy Sweet Mix Salad) and Jiu Hu Char (Fried Turnips with Dry Squid strips, Not in photo). My mom says the dishes are ok but I think my Accar was a little lack of flavours.....got to work on the recipe! LOL!

Pre Reunion Dinner Meal - Tau Cheo Fish for mom to eat with rice......

Pre Reunion Dinner Meal - Crispy Butter Cereal chiken for the children.

Morning breakfast- My signature Fried Mee (Yellow Noodles)......

My sister has already bought all the ingredients to cook Penang Assam Laksa, so we cooked it on the 1st Day of New Year....yum yum!

Year after year, ever since my mom married my dad, she never fails to pay respect to our ancestors in the form of food offering. Last year was the only year she was not able to do so. My dad, wife, kids and me took over her role and set up this simple altar in the house. I want my kids to remember their ancestors, pay respect to them and also learn about Chinese Tradition.
You can see my youngest son doing his lion dance routine while we were busy praying. LOL! Look at all his toys that he left at my dad's house in the box next to our old fridge. My mom's wheelchair is next to the fridge.....my son would push it near to my mom's bed everynight. He will also place the walking stick next to my mom at night before going to bed. Never ask him why he did that...........

I was very busy the last six months and didn't blog much because I was getting my house ready to bring my mom and dad to stay with me, so that they can have proper home cooked meal and care. My mom has been caring and cooking for my siblings and me for far too many years. I guess it is time for us to do the reverse. In my house, most of the time my kids would be around to accompany them too.

For this year (2012) Chinese New Year Celebration, mom told me that she and my sister had bought some of the ingredients from the wet market. I was still wondering how she managed to go there, walking so slowly with her walking stick???
Anyway, I have prepared some of the dishes upfront and would be bringing them back home!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Late Night Chu Char (Fried Food) Supper at a Marine Parade Promenade Coffee Shop

After a full day out around Singapore we went back to our hotel to freshen up. Then our stomach start to growl again, so we went out for supper at a Food Outlet in Marine Parade Promenade near Marine Parade Food Court. This coffee shop is open 24 hours for late night drinkers but the Chu Char (Wok Fried Food) would close around 11.30 pm. We managed to make the last order for the day and was happilly tucked in the food when we suddenly realised that we need to order more. Too bad, the chu char owner would not take anymore orders because they are preparing to close the stall.....sigh...

Although it is about 11.50pm and the next day is a working day, there is still a good crowd at this eating place. Most of them are here for a nite shot of beer! Yam Seng

The first dish that came, Fried Hor Fun (flat rice noodles) with fish slices and garnished with bean sprouts(taugeh)......very nice.

Fried Ee Mee (Fried Egg Noodles) which is known as Man Ee Mee in KL. Another tasty dish from this stall.

Ahhhh, I love this Fried Singapore Bihun........
Fried with to perfection! Yum Yum.....

Location :
This makan place (eating place) is very near to the Marine Parade road overhead bridge. If you are crossing the bridge from the opposite site, then walk towards your left. When you see the Marine Parade Promenade Arch, you will notice a corner restaurant with a large 24 Hours sign board. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oppps, Misua (Wheat Flour Vermicelli) Looked like Angry Bird.....

I cooked this misua for my youngest son who turned four end of last year...............

It was early in the morning and when he woke up, he kept on staring at the misua.....
Misua is his favourite food. I was wondering why he didn't start eating the misua immediately.

Then he said.,  "Papa, this misua looks like Angry Bird lah"......, "I want to eat the eyes first..".
Hah, must have been playing too much angry bird game the night before this!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Steamed White Snapper Fish with Assam Laksa Gravy Recipe

Before Steaming......

After Steaming.........

This is another one of my 'quickie recipe' which I would prepare whenever I am rushing to cook for my family. I used white snapper fish (pek chor) here but you can replace it with other type of fish. Ikan kembong (Indian Mackerel) would be a good choice for this recipe. You can add 'har ko' (prawn paste) to dish if you like it.
For this quickie recipe, you just have to arrange everything in a steaming tray and steam the fish for around 20 minutes. As easy at that! LOL! It is also a suitable dish to satisfy your cravings for Penang Assam Laksa.

White Snapper Fish, 2 medium size
Daun Kesom (laksa leaf, Persicaria Odorata, Vietnamese Coriander), a few stalks
Serai (Lemongrass), 1 pc, crushed
Onions, 1 pc, cut into slices
Turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon
Chilli powder or chilly paste, 1 table spoon or to taste
Tamarind juice or Lemon Juice, to taste
Bunga Kantan (Torch Ginger, Etlingera Elatior), cut into small pieces (Optional)
Salt to taste
Mint Leave for garnishing.

Arrange all the ingredients except Bunga Kantan and Mint leaves in a steaming tray. Steam the Assam Laksa White Snapper for 20 minutes. Garnish with mint leaves and bunga kantan before serving.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Photos of Visit to Singapore 2011 (Vivo City, Singapore Zoo, Universal Studio, Orchard Road, Fullerton Bay Hotel)

Some random photos of my trip to Singapore,

Nice Xmas decoration at our hotel......, take a closer look of the next photo...

The roof is made from bread......maybe ginger bread? Hey, who bit off a chunk? lol

Kids having a whale of fun at Singapore Science Centre Water Exhibition area

This is probably the most photographed structure of Singapore Universal Studio....at Resort World, Sentosa, Singapore...

Puss in Boots.........here, kitty, kitty, kitty......

Opps, let's see some mummies..........

2 balls during climax?.....ha ha ha.......kena wash brain liao......lol!

Spectacular lights decoration in the most famous shopping street in the world, Orchard Road, Singapore....

Singapore Fullerton Bay Hotel was named one of the world’s top new hotels by Condé Nast Traveler Hot List 2011 and Travel + Leisure It List 2011.
Fullerton Bay Hotel is located in the heart of Singapore Business district. This is the latest addition to Marina Bay waterfront. I love the nice view of Marina Bay from this hotel.......

The luxurious Fullerton Bay Hotel lobby........

The ladies want to shop at Singapore latest and largest shopping complex, Vivo City......walk until 'pengsan'.

A playground in the middle of Vivo City.......

View of Sentosa Island cable car from the park behind Vivo City.......

A lot of all these elephants everywhere in Singapore......

Hanging around Vivo City while the ladies shop............

Wanna check out Marche at Vivo City?......

Finally, the Water Play Park in Singapore Zoo. My kids played for hours here......while I 'tidur' (slept) on the bench......to tired lah! ha ha ha

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Riunite White Lambrusco Emilia

I have a bottle of Riunite White Lambrusco Emilia sitting in my shelf and have totally forgotten that I bought it. This wine is made from Lambrusco, Emilia region, Italian grapes . There are around 60 to 70 varities of Lambrusco grapes. Lambrusco is famous for it's high yield grape vine.The grapes itself are not sweet but this Lambrusco sweet wine might be a result of fermentation or addition of other types of grapes.
Due to it's sweetness, this wine is suitable a after meal dessert or for those who don't like dry strong wines.
This bottle of White Lambrusco is a rose casual wine made from red grapes. It has a sweet, pleasant and cool fruitty taste.  A great alternative to White Zinfandel (White Zin, sweet pink coloured blush (rose) wine).
Since the wine came with a screw cap, I don't have to worry about finishing all of it at one go. Instead I can keep it in the fridge after opening without worrying that it will turn into vinegar....lol!
Actually, any wines that have a screw cap can be kept after opening, just like port wines.

Yam Seng!....eerrrr, not bottom up ah.....wine must sip slowly.......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trip to Singapore Continue in to Marina Bay Sands

After having our fill of nice Singapore Hokkien Mee and a refreshing hot bath at our hotel, we headed towards Marina Bay Sands.
The photo below shows the Giant ferris wheel, Singapore Flyer which is 165m high. Marina Bay Sands is behind the ferris wheel. The boat shaped structure above the building is Marina Bay Skypark.

Night shot of the Singapore Flyer....

With the kids tagging along, I didn't gamble in the Casino......sobs! sobs.....

Ahh, we managed to find other things else for the whole family to do together! We bought ticket to take the elevator up to the 57th floor, Marina Bay Sands Skypark!

A large crowd gathered at the viewing platform nearest to the elevator. We were greeted by a spectacular and awesome night view of Singapore city with glittering lights everywhere!

The water ways with round white flotillas floating above it. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a good shot of the flotillas.

I love the view of this football field which is located within the Marina Bay Sands vicinity! Must have 'sampan' (boat) ready to retrieve the football whenever it goes over the fence! LOL!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Clothes That Poke Eye - Enter the Post Monsoon Season Latest Fashion

Ground breaking news! The 'burung marah' fashion craze have been taken over by 'Clothes That Poke Eye'!

Hot! New Fashion Trend!......Enter the latest post monsoon season haute couture Musang King Durian inspired unisex Clothes That Poke Eye!
These latest 'eye poking clothes' have been snapped up by the fashion conscious community and celebrities alike. They are available at all durian stalls throughout the country.
'Eye Poking Clothes' are reported to be bullet proof and very suitable for military ground infantry jungle camouflage wear. Furthermore, these versatile clothes act as weapon whenever the soldiers ran out of ammunition. The thorns on these clothes can 'poke eyes' of the enemies!
Since the crime rate against women in the country is rather high, Eye Poking Wear is very popular among the young ladies. The thorns can poke and blind the eyes of rapist the moment they lay their eyes on their would be victims.
Peteformation, the inventor of this special durian skin based fabric spent 20 years in his research before he perfected the technology to commercially produce it.  Coincidentally, the inventor also loves to eat durian very much. His favourite food combination is durian and rice with sambal belachan.

Thanks to Peteformation Fashion House for inventing the greatest wear for 2012 !

Singapore East Coast Lagoon Food Village (Hokkien Mee, BBQ Chicken Wings)

After a nice walk along the Singapore East Coast Park seafront, we hopped over to East Coast Lagoon Food Village to have our dinner. There are many varieties of food to choose and I walked for around 2 rounds before deciding what to eat. If I am not mistaken, there are at least 40 to 50 stalls here selling a wide range of hawker food.

For starters\, I bought these barbecued chicken wings from Haron 30 Satay stall  (Stall no 55) for SGD1.20 each. These chicken wings are very tasty, have very nice aroma and are barbecued to perfection. Very worth it and price is also quite reasonable. The chili is very spicy! Damm Shiok to eat with the chicken wings! lol!

Stall Location and contact number :
Haron 30 Satay
Stall No 55, East Coast Lagoon Food Village
Contact person : Lynna, 64410495

I missed Singapore style Hokkien Mee (noodles), so quickly I ordered one from a stall run by a lady not far away from Haron 30 Satay. Sorry ya, I forgot the stall number liao! A small size plate of Singapore Hokkien Mee cost SGD4. From the photo, the Hokkien Mee might not look very appealing but it is actually very tasty! I love the sweet and rich gravy! At first my son hesitated from trying it but after the first spoonful, he was hooked.

My daughter returned from bicycling and complained that she is very hungry. I wondered whether she has covered the 15km seafront bicycle track but she does looked very hungry and tired. LOL!
So, I went over to the same stall and ordered a medium size Singapore Hokkien Mee. I paid SGD6.00 for this delicious plate of medium size Hokkien Mee. I was amazed when my daughter finished the whole plate......!  This is also the first time she tasted this dish and she likes it very much!

This is the Singapore style Oh Chien (fried oysters with eggs) that we tried out. If sure looks different from the Oh Chien that we have in Malaysia. The Oh Chien here is rather pale in colour and have lots of eggs in it. Although the Oh Chien looks plain, it is rather tasty. .....can't go wrong with food fried with eggs! yum yum!

We tried other food from the stalls here as well but there are nothing to shout about them.
The evening crowd at Lagoon Food Village....

Ok, tummy filled liao! Next stop....Singapore latest casino! It is 'Picture!' 'Picture' time! ha ha ha!

Map and Location of Singapore East Coast Lagoon Food Village
For Direction, See Google Map Coordinate : 1.307024,103.935835
1220 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 468960


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