Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Pepper Pork Stomach Soup

It is actually very easy to clean pig stomach. First you have to scrape off all the slime in the inner layer. Then wash it with tamarind paste. Heat up wok and fry the inside stomach lining to get rid of excess slime. Some people would boil the pig stomach with ginger to get rid of the smell but I found this step is not necessary if you clean it properly. This delicious soup is normally taken by mothers who have just delivered babies. The pork stomach itself does not have much flavour so it is advisable to add pork ribs to enhance the taste of the soup.

Pork Belly, 1 pc
Sarawak Pepper, 20 pcs, crushed
Carrot, 1 pc, cut into cubes
Pork ribs, 1 pc, cut into 2” length
Salt to taste
Ginger, 2 pcs
Water, 7 bowls

Put water in a pot and bring to a boil. Put in the pork ribs, pepper, ginger, carrot and pork belly. Boil until the pork ribs turn soft. Take out the pork stomach and cut it into bite sizes. Put the pork stomach back into the soup. Add salt to taste. This wonderful soup is best eaten while still hot.


Christine said...

I love soups and easy to make. But I would probably have to buy the pig stomach already cleaned!

suituapui said... fish is already bad enough for me. I think I'll will just eat this at some noodle stall. After all, innards - cannot eat often, once in a while ok. Hehehehehe!!!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Thank for sharing... Thought pig stomach is very difficult to cook...

smallkucing said...

Alamak...hope I will be able to cook this :p

I loke pork tripe soup

Merryn said...

I think I saw my mother run a garlic through the stomach once... If I'm not mistaken lah :)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Hot pepper stomach and also hot uric acid! STP please stay away..haha

jen cheung said...

never really tried this soup before - but looks good! hehehe

its FRIDAY! Have a lovely weekend!
jen @

Alice Law said...

LOL! My mum also using tamarind paste to clean the pig stomach, my family like this soup very much(except for me)!:p

Ayie said...

i got a big scolding from my mom when she asked me to clean one time...I felt so gross that I couldn't even touch it so I just connected the end to the faucet and run water and used the back of the knife blade to push water out. LOL

mNhL said...

i love this type of soup but the cleaning part......eewwww.....hehe

Never done that myself before.