Monday, January 31, 2011

RM 6 (USD 2) Chicken Chop at Kota Damansara, Dataran Sunway Food Court

My son ordered this Chicken chop at Kota Damansara Food Court, Dataran Sunway and it only cost RM6 (USD2). Although the pieces of chicken is not big, the fries and coleslaw would make this meal complete. Anyway, this is a very reasonable price for a chicken chop. My son loves the gravy very much and he says it is very nice. I have not tasted it, so I can't comment much. By the way, I saw that the lamb chop is also selling for RM6. Therefore, I am going back there to try it! LOL!

Map to Dataran Sunway Food Court, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh, Puchong - New Location

I was in Puchong recently and I decided to drop by Telok Pulai Bak Kut Teh restaurant. I found that there is a new restaurant operating in the old location that Teluk Pulai used to be. But when I drove to the the row of shoplot behind the old location, I found Teluk Pulai restaurant there, at the corner facing the main road. Hah, lucky me, I can satisfy my cravings for a good bowl of Bak Kut Teh (Pork Herbal Soup). So, I quickly parked my car and sat down to order! I asked for rice with long beans and dried prawns (Heh bee), yau char kwai (Chinese Crullers) and a bowl of pork ribs bak kut teh. This is a plain type of bak kut teh but with strong herbal smell and flavourful soup. I washed down the bak kut teh and rice with a pot of Chinese Tik Kuan Yin tea. Mmmmm, a very satisfying lunch! LOL!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Second Visit To Yit Yue Hiong - Must Have Before Leaving Lumut!

I really love the food at Yit Yue Hiong which I visited six months ago when I was in Lumut. Therefore during my last trip to Lumut during the year end school holidays, I just couldn't leave Lumut without savouring all the nice dishes there! LOL! One more go before hitting the road! ha ha ha! I ordered the same dishes that I had the last time. The crispy honey squid never fails to impress me! Very tasty!

Then comes the kam heong (chilli) crab. Very unique and savoury taste! The best I had so far! mmmmmmm, drooling whenever I think about it!

And then again, another tofu dishes for the kids! LOL!

Nice succulent Assam Prawns........sour and savoury....yum yum! Really fresh prawns!

Steamed red snapper (Ang Cho) fish! Very sweet, fresh and tasty flesh! Lots of crispy garlic in it!

Fried bihun and Kailan vegetable.......both are nice too! Fried bihun all finished in a jiffy! LOL!

The total bill for 5 adults, 1 child and 2 toddlers plus coconut drinks came up to be RM118.

We bought some nice mango in this restaurant too and had them for dessert!

Map to Yit Yue Hiong, Kg Cina, Lumut, Perak

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kari Kepala Ikan Ah Pau, Lumut - Chinese Restaurant

After having a light snack at Capri Italian Restaurant, we took a leisure walk around Lumut town. Guess what, we got hungry again and decided to drop by the first Chinese restaurant right after the Chinese Temple and Chinese School, Eng Ling Lumut. The name of this restaurant is Kari Kepala Ikan Ah Pau (Ah Pau Curry Fish Head Restaurant). It was time for supper so we did not order the Curry Fish head, which would be too heavy when eaten with rice. Therefore, we just opt for the noodle dishes. We had Wat Tan Hor (Braised Flat rice noodles), Yin Yong (Braised Flat Rice Noodles with Rice Vermicelli) and Man EE Mee (Dark Soya Sauce Egg Noodles, forgot to take photo).

The Wat Tan Hor and Yin Yong have almost the same taste as Penang Tuapan, which I like very much. The seafood inside is fresh and the noodles have nice wok hei (hot wok) aroma. I recomend that you try these two dishes! Yum Yum!

Ahhhhh, a nice meal before hitting the sack! LOL!

The total bill plus drinks came up to be around RM17.

Map - Kari Kepala Ikan Ah Pau is the first Chinese Restaurant right after SJK (C) Eng Ling.

Butter, Crispy Cornflakes and Cereal Prawns Recipe

I followed my Cereal and Cornflakes Squid recipe and used it for the prawns that I have in my freezer. Anyway, this is suppose to the the original recipe for prawns. Actually this recipe taste better with prawns than squid. But then again it is a matter of one's choice. Next round I might try it with chicken! LOL!

Large prawns,500gms, remove legs and cut out the veins
Corn flour to coat the prawns
Butter, 3 table spoons
Crispy Cereal, (from Nestum or off the shelf prepacked cereal for cooking), 1/2 cup or more
Crispy cornflakes, 1/2 cup
Egg, 1 pc, slightly beaten
Oil for deep frying
Curry leaves, from 3 sprigs
Cili padi (birdeye chilli), 2 pcs, cut into small slices (optional)
Salt to taste (optional)

Heat up wok and put in oil for deep frying. Coat prawns with corn flour and deep fry it for around 3 minute or longer if you want the skin to be crispy. Take out the prawns and put it aside. Use the deep frying oil to cook hair like eggs using a sieve. Put these hair liked eggs aside as well. Pour out the oil from the wok. Put the butter in the wok and add in the curry leave and chili padi. Add crispy cornflakes, cereal and salt to taste. Put the hair liked fried eggs in the mixture. Take it out from the wok and put it on top of the fried prawns. Garnish the Butter Cornflakes and Cereal prawns with parsley before serving.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kentucky Fried Talang! - Quickie Recipe

Ever since we came back from Lumut the kids have been eating lots of fishes at almost every meal. I am running out of recipe to cook the fish! LOL! Anyway, I thought that a simple deep fried 'ikan talang' fish fillet would suit their tastebuds. I just use off the shelf Kentucky deep frying flour (Berpadu brand) for chicken and they ate all of the Kentucky Fried Talang! ha ha ha!

Fish Fillet (any type of fish, I used talang), 500 gms
Kentucky Deep frying flour for chicken, enough to cover all the fish fillet
Oil for deep frying

Coat the fish with the flour evenly. Deep fry the fish in hot oil. Drain away excess oil and serve while the fish is still hot & crispy. This is a suitable recipe for kids. They are sure to love it! LOL!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Easy Shortcut Butter Cornflakes and Cereal Squid Recipe

Restaurants normally cook buttered cornflakes and cereal with prawns instead of squid. I have lots of 'sotong' (squid) in my freezer from my trip to Pantai Remis, so I gave this recipe a try using squid. I guess this dish would taste better if I deep fry the sotong with a little corn flour or with off the shelf deep frying flour. End result,.......mmmmm, not bad leh!

Squid,500gms cut onto wide rings
Corn flour or flour for deep frying, enough to cover the squid
Butter, 3 table spoons
Crispy Cereal, (from Nestum or off the shelf prepacked cereal for cooking), 1/2 cup or more
Crispy cornflakes, 1/2 cup Egg, 1 pc, slightly beaten
Oil for deep frying
Curry leaves, from 3 sprigs
Cili padi (birdeye chilli), 2 pcs, cut into small slices (optional)
Salt to taste (optional)

Coat squid with corn flour. Deep fry the squid in hot oil (not more than 2 minutes or else it would turned springy). Drain away excess oil and put the squid aside. Heat up wok and add in the butter. Put in the curry leaves and slowly pour in the eggs using a sieve to attain hair like texture. (alternatively you can use deep frying oil to make the eggs crispy). Put in the crispy cereal, cili padi (optional) and cornflakes. Add salt (optional) to taste. Put the mixture on the deep fried squid and serve.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nice and Flavourful Curry Mee at City Noodle Cafe Pantai Remis, Jalan Hala Nelayan 2/1

After filling up our ice boxes with fish and seafood at the Fish Wholesaler warehouse we headed back towards the Pantai Remis main road. There is a busy coffee shop, City Noodle cafe located at the shoplot just before the main road which serve nice Curry Mee (Curry Laksa). The 'si tau poh' (lady boss) that ran the Fish Wholesaler business told me about this stall. I can taste the natural sweetness in the curry gravy because they use a lot of fresh seafood in it. There are many small size prawns floating in the flavourful gravy. The curry spices has a nice aroma and I love the little pieces of baby shark meat inside in the mee (noodles) which gave the curry mee a special taste. One bowl cost only RM2.50.
My wife tried the prepacked nasi lemak and she said it was quite nice. Sorry, I was enjoying the curry mee and forgot to take photo of the nasi lemak (coconut milk rice with sambal).
Address : City Noodle Cafe, Jalan Hala Nelayan 2/1, Pantai Remis, 34900, Perak Map to City Noodle Cafe

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Trip to Pantai Remis Fish Wholesale Warehouse - Fresh Daily Catch

After a hearthy breakfast at Star Orient Resort hotel, we drove to Pantai Remis to buy fish from the wholesaler there. We stopped by the wholesaler warehouse that we bought fishes from our previous trip but found that they do not have any fresh catch in stock. Therefore we just scout around the area to see which fishery have any leftover stock from the early morning catch. We found Sheng Hai Seng fishery and they have a few types of seafood to offer. Unfortunately they do not have any prawns! Anyway, we bought a huge Talang (Queenfish), treadfins, bawal cermin (a type of pomfret), mackerel (tenggiri), squid and another type of fish which I am not sure of its' name. We left the place with a whole ice box full of fish which would last us for at least 3 weeks! LOL! All these fishes cost RM120 which is the wholesaler price to us.

Not much to offer because the fishermen would only come in with their catch around 4pm in the evening.

The worker cleaning the Talang fish for us. Normally talang are used to make salted fish but it also taste good if cooked with Tau Cheo (fermented bean paste). This large talang cost us Rm38. (USD 12)

Ice box is full! Time to hit the road!

Map and address of Sheng Hai Seng Fishery, 93, Jalan Pelantar, Pekan Lama, 34900, Pantai Remis, Perak. Tel 05 6776573, Hand Phone 012 2522128

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Restoran Makanan Laut Villa (Seafood Restaurant), Kg Cina, Setiawan Perak

It was arround 1.30pm when we arrived in Lumut, so we stop by Kg Cina to have our lunch before checking into the hotel at Lumut Time. We just choose the first restaurant that we come accross when we turned into Kg Cina. There was a good crowd at this restaurant enjoying their lunch. As usual we ordered some tofu for the kids. Nothing to shout about this dish except that the seafood inside is very fresh.

The "Ma Yau" (treadfin, senangin) we ordered is steamed with pickled plum and salted vegetable. I love the savoury and sourish soup. Goes along well with my rice!

My kids love cauliflower, so we got this dish for them. Fresh and crunchy!


This is the first time I tried Foo Chow (Hock Chew) Red Wine Mee Sua (Ang Chew Mi Sua, wheat vermicelli). We asked for a small serving but when the dish was served, we got a shocked; the portion can feed 10 adults! ha ha ha! Anyway we had a hard time finishing it because we were already full! I love the taste and everyone walked out of the restaurant with rosy cheek because of the alcohol in the Chinese Red Wine.

Actually we wanted deep fried squid for the kids but they don't cook the squid this way. Too bad, they should consider adding deep fried squid in their menu because it is a very popular dish among diners! So, we just settled for soya sauce fried squid which is very fresh!

This buttered prawn dish is rather generous. I ate most of the prawns and was struggling to finish the last few piece. Nice and fresh!

The total bill for 5 adults, 1 child and 2 toddlers came up to be RM120 (USD40). Reasonable? Map, telephone number and Address of Villa Seafood Restaurant No 384, Kg Cina, 32000, Setiawan, Perak. Handphone 019 574591, 012 4698118 Note : They will move to a new place further inside Kg Cina after 2011 Chinese New Year. As in the map below.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chinese Restaurants Around Lumut Town (Jetty Area)

After having a light meal of Pizza at Capri Italian Pizza Restaurant in Lumut town, I took my son and daughter for a walk around town. Actually, I wanted to check out how many Chinese Restaurants there are in this area. Well I managed to find four Chinese Restaurants! One of it is next to Capri Italian Pizza Restaurant not far away from The Star Orient Hotel and the other three are located at Jalan Titi Panjang near the Chinese School.

SJK(C) Eng Ling Lumut is a very old school built by early Chinese settlers in Lumut! The building is made from wood!

Kari Kepala Ikan Restaurant (Fish Head Curry) is located right after the SJK (C) Eng Ling Lumut. I love to eat the Tuapan (Braised FLat rice Noodles) and Yin Yong (Braised Fried flat noodles with rice vermicelli) in this Chinese restaurant!
Time for second round of food! ha ha ha! I will post about the food I had here later.

Map showing the location of Capri Restaurant Lumut, Chinese Restaurants around Lumut, SJK (C) Eng Ling, The Star Orient Resort Hotel, Guang Fu Kong Chinese Temple and Lumut Jetty. (Note : Kari Kepala Ikan restaurant is right after the Chinese School)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ahhhh, Nothing Beats A Relaxing Breakfast by The Seaside

I took my family to Lumut again during the recent school holidays and we stayed at The Star Orient Hotel. I always like to have a relaxing breakfast while holidaying, especially if the hotel is by the beach. My favourite choice of food are baked beans, bacon (unfortunately they don't have this), sausage (have to settle for this), baked potato, tomato, toast, salad, half boiled eggs and fruits. After a hearthy breakfast, I would get myself a cup of hot coffee. It is great to slowly sipping the coffee while enjoying the morning fresh air by the seaside.
Ahhhhh, this is life! Time to go fishing......stay tune!

An Injured Common House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)

My wife and I found this Common House Sparrow ( Scientific name, Passer Domesticus) at a parking lot. I guessed it was injured and could not fly away. One of its' eyes was shut and it was breathing heavily. We were afraid that it might be ran over by moving cars. My wife picked it up using some newspapers while I ran to a nearby mini market to ask for a box. Then we put the bird in the box and took it home. We tried to feed it with bird seed and water but it could not take any food. It was still alive the next morning but didn't make it till the evening. RIP little bird!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bak Kua (Yoke Kon, Dried BBQ Pork) Recipe without Preservatives and Artificial Colouring

My homemade bak kua, don't have the looks and right texture but taste almost like the one available commercially!
This is my first attempt in making Bak Kua (Yoke Kon, Dried BBQ pork). I didn't get the texture right because I used lean meat instead of mixing it with at least 20% fats. Anyway, it is better to have this healthier version of bak kua! LOL! Another mistake I made is I didn't dry the meat and spices mixture properly before roasting them in the oven. Anyway, the final result turned out quite close to the real bak kua! ha ha ha! I spent around RM8 to make 9 pieces of bak kua! Worth it? Anyway, my main purpose is to try out this recipe for fun since Chinese New Year is around the corner.

Minced Pork or Chicken , 300 gms
Fish sauce, 1 teaspoon
Five spice powder, 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Soya sauce, 1 tablespoon
Rock Sugar, crushed, to taste or around 4 tablespoons
Red Colouring (optional), a few drops

Mix all the ingredients throughly. Leave it aside. Line baking tray with aluminium foil. Rub some vegetable oil over on the aluminium foil. Spread the meat mixture on the baking tray. Use the blunt part of the knife to gently cut the bak kua into nine pieces. Dry the meat in the fridge overnight. Rub the top part of the meat mixture with vegetable oil. Heat up oven at 180 Dec C and bake the bak kua for around 1 hour. If you do not want to dry the bak kua in the hot sun or fridge, you can actually roast it in the oven under low heat (100 Deg C) for one hour before turning up the heat to 180 Dec C to roast it for another 20 minutes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rosemary, Hickory BBQ Sauce and Honey Roast Chicken Recipe

I love experimenting with different kinds of herbs and my favourite is Rosemary. I bought some dried rosemary from the local hypermarket and used it for my roast chicken. The chicken would be tastier and juicy if it is marinated overnight. The glaze I used is a mixture of honey and hickory barbecue sauce, which gave the chicken additional flavours.

Chicken, 1 bird
Rosemary, 1 tablespoon, dried
Lemon juice, from 1 lemon
Pepper, 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Honey and Hickory BBQ sauce, mixture, 50-50 portion.

Marinade the chicken with rosemary, lemon juice , pepper and salt. Leave it in the fridge overnight. Roast chicken in preheated oven at 180 Deg C for 1 hour. Glaze chicken with honey and hickory barbecue sauce mixture. Roast for another 10 minutes. Garnish chicken with parsley and tomato before serving.