Saturday, January 22, 2011

Restoran Makanan Laut Villa (Seafood Restaurant), Kg Cina, Setiawan Perak

It was arround 1.30pm when we arrived in Lumut, so we stop by Kg Cina to have our lunch before checking into the hotel at Lumut Time. We just choose the first restaurant that we come accross when we turned into Kg Cina. There was a good crowd at this restaurant enjoying their lunch. As usual we ordered some tofu for the kids. Nothing to shout about this dish except that the seafood inside is very fresh.

The "Ma Yau" (treadfin, senangin) we ordered is steamed with pickled plum and salted vegetable. I love the savoury and sourish soup. Goes along well with my rice!

My kids love cauliflower, so we got this dish for them. Fresh and crunchy!


This is the first time I tried Foo Chow (Hock Chew) Red Wine Mee Sua (Ang Chew Mi Sua, wheat vermicelli). We asked for a small serving but when the dish was served, we got a shocked; the portion can feed 10 adults! ha ha ha! Anyway we had a hard time finishing it because we were already full! I love the taste and everyone walked out of the restaurant with rosy cheek because of the alcohol in the Chinese Red Wine.

Actually we wanted deep fried squid for the kids but they don't cook the squid this way. Too bad, they should consider adding deep fried squid in their menu because it is a very popular dish among diners! So, we just settled for soya sauce fried squid which is very fresh!

This buttered prawn dish is rather generous. I ate most of the prawns and was struggling to finish the last few piece. Nice and fresh!

The total bill for 5 adults, 1 child and 2 toddlers came up to be RM120 (USD40). Reasonable? Map, telephone number and Address of Villa Seafood Restaurant No 384, Kg Cina, 32000, Setiawan, Perak. Handphone 019 574591, 012 4698118 Note : They will move to a new place further inside Kg Cina after 2011 Chinese New Year. As in the map below.


reanaclaire said...

I never tried this one before.. I always go to that Ah Pek Lee How Fook.. next time if got chance to go again, i try this one u recommend.. the prawns looked good..

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i like cauliflower too! :D

foods looks delish! :D har? well they really shud put it in d menu. :)

price very reasonable !

Small Kucing said...

It's more than cheap considering the large portion and got seafood.

If I ever go there will check out this place

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Eh, I tot they deveined the prawns since it was split at the back, how come I still see the black line on the prawn geh.... eeeeeee, bad job done.

mannoy said...

the foods seems delicious. wow :)

Yvonne said...

Wow~ I thought Kuala Sepetang near my house here offers cheap seafood, mana tahu Kg Cina has nice, delicious and reasonable seafood too! I like that buttered prawn :)

Sheoh Yan said...

I have been to Kg.Kok at Sitiawan for their seafood. I love Kg.Kok garlic chili source the most.

Annie Q said...

that foo chow red wine mee sua look so different from Sarawak one. This one the color look very red. Is the taste ok?


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