Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cheese Basil Potato, Hampalang Masuk (Everything goes in) Omelette Recipe

Well there is nothing to shout about this simple recipe but it really taste good with steamed rice. Actually, my fridge was running low on ingredients so I have to settle for whatever I can get my hands on! I tried adding basil to the omelette and it turned out quite good! LOL!

Eggs, 3 pcs,
Potato, 1 medium, cut into small cubes (Use US Russet potato....easily soften)
Prawns Meat, 6 prawns, minced
Onions, 1 pc, cut into small pieces
Spring onions, 1 stalk, cut into small pieces
Light Soya sauce, to taste
Pepper, a dash
Cheese (optional), enough to cover the omelette
Basil, 10 leaves, chopped finely

Heat up non-stick pan and add in a little vegetable oil. Fry potato until it turned soft. Sauté onions until fragrant and add in the prawns. Beat eggs; add in light soya sauce, basil leaves, spring onions and a dash of pepper. Pour the eggs into the pan and lower down the heat to medium. Put the cheese on top of the egg. Cover the pan until the eggs are cooked.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Crab Crab Crab, Yummy Crab!

Papa took me to the morning wet market at Kepong and I saw someone selling live mud crabs. I was fascinated with the crabs which looks like some alien from outer space. Papa bought 1 kg of crab for RM12 from the vendor and I happily held on to my so called 'pets'. Yay!

I love looking at the crab crawling sideways. Papa put one in a clear container for me to look at.

Then, papa showed me the nasty pincers on the crab! According to papa, this is a male crab. Male crab has narrow abdomen or apron. Female crab has wider and round abdomen.

When I woke up from my afternoon nap, I found that papa has already cooked my 'pet crabs'! Waaaaaaaaa! They turned bright red! Actually, they tasted very nice! LOL!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Harvesting my First Batch of Homegrown Roselle

Still remember my post about the Roselle (scientific name, Hibiscus Sabdariffa) fruits that I bought from the market to make drinks? Well, I planted some of seeds in my garden and I harvested my first homegrown roselle fruits today. Although I managed to collect only 11 mature fruits, there are still lots of smaller ones on the trees. The roselle has pretty pink colour flowers and the fruits would form when the flowers drop off. Some of the earlier fruits dropped before reaching maturity so I boosted up the soil with some plant nutrients and managed to overcome this problem. I didn’t use any insecticide so I guess my roselle is healthier compared to the ones sold at the market. The stem of the trees are too soft to support the weight of the fruits and some of them bent during a heavy downpour yesterday. Luckily the stems were not broken and tied them up to my fence for support. Therefore, I quickly plucked all the matured fruits today! The eleven fruits I collected were enough to make around 6 glasses of tasty roselle drink. Cheers!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Late Night Supper/Dinner at Pak Mod Tomyam Stall

After having porridge for dinner, my eldest son and I were hungry again. Therefore we went out food hunting and decided to fill our stomach with solid food like rice but not too filling because it was close to bed time. Anyway, we found Pak Mod stall along the main road in Bandar Sri Damansara along with other tomyam stalls. Both of us love to eat Tomyam from Malay stalls. Somehow it must be the cooking style or the generous amount of serai (lemongrass) that they put in contributed to a bowl of tasty tomyam. Most of the time my son would eat the tomyam bihun (rice vermicelli) but this round we had it with rice. We also ordered 2 Fu Yong eggs (Fried eggs with onions) or Telur Dadar. The eggs are fried thoroughly in hot oil and the aroma is very appetising. We flooded our rice with the tomyam campur (mixed) gravy and happily ate it with the telur dadar. The total bill for one tomyam campur, two telur dadar and two plates of rice came up to be RM8.

Pak Mod Stall Jalan Cempaka SD12/1 Bandar Sri Damansara Kuala Lumpur

Google Earth : Latitude 3°11'34.74"N Longitude 101°36'24.14"E

Map Pak Mod, Bandar Sri Damansara

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simplified Chicken Rendang Kunyit (Turmeric) Recipe

My simplified Rendand dish................I love to eat it with durian and rice! LOL!
I would normally store a bottle of fried kerisik (coconut grating) in my fridge and use it whenever I want to cook rendang (dry curry with coconut grating). This is a simplified rendang recipe and you can cook it in a jiffy. I used pre mixed Adabi Rendang curry powder, so it saved me the hassle of mixing my own rendang spice. Chicken don’t need long hours of cooking compared to beef. Therefore, I managed to prepare this wonderful dish within less than 30 minutes for dinner!

Chicken, ½, cut into small pieces
Adabi Rendang powder, mix with water to make a paste
Kunyit powder (turmeric), 1 tablespoon mix with Adabi Rendang paste
Kaffir Lime Leaves, 5 pcs, cut into small strips
Kerisik (fried grated coconuts), 1 tablespoon
Potato, 3, cut into four each, steamed until soft
Salt to taste

Serai(lemongrass), 2 pcs
Shallots, 5 pcs

Heat up wok and put in around 4 tablespoons of oil. Sauté serai and shallots mixture until fragrant. Add Adabi rendang powder and kunyit paste. Stir fry for a short while. Lower down the heat to avoid burning the paste. Add kerisik and kafir lime leaves. Put in the chicken and add a little water. Cover the wok until the chicken is cooked thoroughly. Add in the pre boiled potato. Stir until all the gravy cover the potato. Add salt to taste.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Braised Pork Rump with Sawi (Mustard Green) Recipe

I love tender braised pork rump that are cooked in spice. You can use any part of the pork leg/ham cut that have a little fat and skin attached to it for this recipe. To cook the meat until tender the fastest way of course is to use a pressure cooker but some claim that it would taste better using the traditional slow cooking method. Whatever it is, the choice is yours! LOL! I like to add sawi to the braised pork meat and boil them until they turned a little yellow. The sawi (mustard green) would soak up all the aromatic and sweet pork gravy!

Pork Leg cut (or rump), 500 gms
Star Anise, 3 pcs
Cinnamon, 2 pcs
Black Vinegar, 1 tablespoon
Chinese Rice Wine, 2 tablespoon
Dark Soya Sauce, 1 tablespoon
Light Soya sauce, 2 tablespoon
Corn flour and water mixture
Salt to taste
Sawi, 1 bunch, cut into long strips

Put some water in pot and bring to a boil. Put in all the ingredients except the corn flour and sawi. Cook until the pork rump meat is tender. Add corn flour and water mixture to thicken the gravy. Put in the sawi vegetable and boil until they turned soft. Serve with steamed rice or mantou (Chinese soft bread).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lunch at Togo Fruity Cafe, Wisma Methodist, Lorong Hang Jebat, KL

Apart from having a cute and unique name, Togo Fruity Cafe is a good place for a lunch meal. This is my second visit to this nice and comfy restaurant. There are two stalls in this air conditioned restaurant which is located in the vicinity of Wesley Methodist Church and just a stone throw from the famous Petaling Street. In my previous visit, I ate the Mee Siam but I forgot to take a picture of it! This round I ordered the Curry Mee which cost RM4.90 per bowl. The serving is rather generous for a restaurant located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I requested for a mixed noodle of rice vermicelli and yellow noodles (mee). The curry mee is delicious and the nice tofu pok (fried tofu) soaked up all the savoury gravy. The gravy is not so thick, just nice and the curry aroma is very inviting! Since there are a few schools around this area, you will see students having their meal here after school hours. Check out this place if you happen to be around this area!
Opps, sorry forgot to take the photo before I eat! Got carried away chit chatting with my cute lunch companion! LOL!

Address Togo Fruity Cafe No 1, 1st Floor, Wisma Methodist Lorong Hang Jebat 50150, Kuala Lumpur Map to Toto Fruity Cafe

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kam Heong Prawns with Long Beans and Okra Recipe

Actually I was trying to save some time by adding long beans and okra to the Kam Heong Prawns dish so that I don’t have to cook additional vegetable side dishes. Anyway, it is nice to chew on the crunchy long beans and taste the nice kam heong gravy as well!

Prawns, 600 gms, cleaned
Dried Prawns, 2 table spoons, soak in water
Curry powder, 2 table spoons make into paste
Curry leaves, 3 stalks (optional)
Chili paste, 2 table spoons
Oyster sauce, 2 table spoons
Dark Soya Sauce, 1 teaspoon
Ginger, 2”x2”x2”
Shallots, 5 pcs
Okra, 5 pcs, cut into slices
Long Beans, 3 pcs, cut into 1 inch length
Corn Flour, 2 table spoons, add with a little water
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil 3 table spoons

Blend ginger, dried prawns and shallots. Heat up wok and put in the vegetable oil. Saute the ginger, dried prawns and shallots mixture until fragrant. Add in the curry paste, chilly paste, dark soya sauce, oyster sauce and curry leaves. Fry for a short while. Add in the prawns, okra and long beans. Fry until the prawns are cook. Add a little water, salt to taste and corn flour mixture. Serve with steamed rice while still hot!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Square Tin Marble Cake Recipe - Mmm, sounds like Sponge Bob! LOL!

I am not really into baking because I would need to measure the required ingredients and sometime the cake just doesn’t turn out right. Therefore, I just use cups and spoons for my measure and save all the hassle of bringing out the weighing machine which I rarely use. The batter for this recipe is enough to fill my 8”x8” square aluminium baking tray. Here is the Marble Cake that my daughter and I baked last weekend. She loves cooking and was delighted to be able to help me bake this cake. And of course, she gets to lick clean the leftover cake batter in the mixing bowl! LOL!

Butter, 250gms
Eggs, 5 pcs, beaten slightly
Flour, 4 cups
Baking powder, 1 teaspoon
Milk powder, 2 tablespoons
Shortening, 1 tablespoon
Castor (caster)
Sugar, 2 cups (or 1 ½ cup)
Vanilla Essence, 1 tablespoon
Cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon

Put butter, shortening and castor sugar in a mixing bowl. Mix well until the mixture stick to the bowl and will not drop when you turn the bowl upside down. Add egg and stir the batter thoroughly. Sift flour and put it in slowly to the batter. Pour in the vanilla essence, milk powder and baking powder. Stir until well mixed. Take out around ½ cup of the batter and put the cocoa powder into it. Pour the rest of the batter into the oiled and floured baking tin. Use a spoon to put the cocoa mix in straight lines on top of the base cake batter. Use a tooth pick to drag the desired pattern on the cake. Bake in preheated oven at 200 Deg C for 20 minutes.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Serai (Lemongrass) – Destroyer of Malignant Cancer Sells

My friend’s sister who is a teacher had just undergone an operation to remove 1/3 of her lungs that was cancerous. The operation was done by a Cardiothoracic Surgeon and I was told that there is only a handful of this specialist in Malaysia. A few hospitals in KL share one Cardiothoracic Surgeon. She was told to stay away from meat for five year and have to be on strict medication during this time. One of the nutritionist in the hospital told her that Serai (lemongrass, Scientific Name, Cymbopogon citratus) is effective in killing cancerous cells. She was asked to boil serai in water to drink from time to time. In fact it would be good for the whole family members to drink this serai drink as well. Then, I remembered that I have written about the properties of serai in my previous post Edible Plants, Fruits and Herbs in a Foodie Garden. It seems that the active ingredient citral in serai is capable of destroying cancer cells in our body. I have seen my dogs which are sick chewing and eating serai plant when I was young. They seem to be cured after eating the serai plants at my house. Apart from that serai also have anti fungal properties and is commonly used as insect repellent. I boiled some serai and added in a small amount of rock sugar for my family to drink. Actually it tastes quite good!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Speedy Freeway Meal – Jalan Kuching Mamak Rojak on the Run

Fancy having a meal of Mamak Rojak (Pasembur) along busy Jalan Kuching Highway? If you pass through this area from KL town centre heading towards Rawang, just before the MRR2 junction, you will see many Mamak Rojak (RM3.50) food stalls along the road side. There are also an uncle selling beggar chicken and numerous vendors selling live crabs. Actually it is rather dangerous to stop the car by the road side of this busy highway. You have to make sure that there are no cars coming too fast behind and don’t slow down abruptly to turn in to the dirt road. Well, sometime I would stop by these food stalls to eat when I need to have a quick meal and are rushing for my next appointment. It just takes me 5 to 10 minutes and I am on the road again. If I got more time, then I would order Chendol dessert (Coconut milk with brown sugar). After a nice meal of Rojak, I would check out the Beggar Chicken stall and buy one for dinner! LOL! Map of Jalan Kuching Mamak Rojak Stalls

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Small Family Gathering to Celebrate My Daugther's Birthday

My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday a few weeks ago and she wanted me to throw a party for the occasion. Well, since I was quite tied up with some work and projects, we just had a small family gathering at home. I cooked all her favourite food............. Rosemary Chicken and Capsicum, Carrot & Pineapple salad with Croutons. Instead of having the usual birthday party type of food, I prepared Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodles) and Penang Lor Mee (Thick Gravy Noodles). Both are her favorite food too. I like to mix the Hokkien Mee soup with the Lor Mee soup aka in Hokkien Dialect "Lor Cham Theng"...fantastic taste! Then, her doting 3 Kor (Third Auntie) bought her a huge Barbie doll cake. Kids are so lucky nowadays!You can see from the photo, my little two and a half year old toddler hands reaching out to touch the cake. He managed to put his hand in to the box and scooped out some of the icing. Then he happily licked the icing off his hands!

When the actual day came, my daughter wanted the same Mee Suah (wheat flour vermicelli) like the one that I cooked for my wife on her birthday! So, daddy have to hit the kitchen to prepare the mi sua for her!

After eating her Mi Sua, she told me that next year she also wants to have the same Car Shaped Cake like the one that I baked for my wife........
Aiyo, already order in advanced lorrr!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Simple Lemon Sauce Chicken Recipe

This is one of a favourite must have dish for my kids whenever we eat out. Everyone loves the fresh lemon sauce on crispy fried chicken. You can use any fried chicken flour that you can buy off the shelf to save all the hassle of mixing your own flour for deep frying the chicken. In order to get the sauce right, you will have to balance to sweetness, saltiness and sour taste using your taste buds! LOL!

Chicken, ½ chicken (you can de bone it if you want to), cut into bite size
Premixed flour for deep frying, ¾ cup

Lemon Juice, from half lemon
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Corn flour and water mixture

Coat the chicken with premixed flour and deep fry in hot oil until golden brown. Drain away excess oil and put it aside. Put a little water in a frying pan and add in the lemon juice. Add salt and sugar to taste. Bring to a boil and pour in the corn flour water mixture to thicken the sauce. Pour the sauce on the deep fried chicken. Garnish with cilantro or Chinese parsley and serve while still hot. Taste good if eaten with steamed rice.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Give me two male nipples please!

Imagine walking into a shop and asking for 2 male nipples! I am still laughing at this incident at the hardware shop. No, I don’t need new ‘nipples’. Mine are still intact! Ha ha ha! Actually in engineering or more specific in piping, male nipples refer to treaded connectors which are supposed to be screwed into female adaptors which in this case happens to be located on the filter cover. It might sound a little bit obscene but this is how the terms that are used whenever we refer to piping parts. After a busy father’s day repairing the toilet tank, installing new water faucet (tap) and installing a new shower, I had to repair the water filter. As most of you know, I like to repair things around my house and I bought these nipples for the water filter so that I can connect to the inlet and outlet pipes which are ½ inch in size. The nipples two fitted perfectly… more leaky connections! Piping nipples also come in different shapes and sizes! LOL!

Kung Po Paddy Field Frogs (Thin Kai, Chui Kay) Recipe

If you remember the five frogs that I bought from the wet market and fried the legs with flour (aka KFF Frog Recipe), I cooked Kung Po with the rest of the parts. Some restaurant deep fried the frogs before cooking it with Kung Po sauce and I found that they always over fried them resulting in the meat turning tough. I did not deep fry the frogs but you can if you want to but don’t fry them too long. You can vary the dried chillies amount according to the level of spiciness you prefer.

Frogs, 5, cut into bite sizes
Ginger, 5 slices
Garlic, 5 pips, smashed
Onions, 1 pc, cut into four
Dried Chillies, 5 pcs, soak in water to remove seeds
Dark Soya Sauce, 1 teaspoon
Oyster Sauce, 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Spring Onions
Cashew nuts, ½ cup, (optional)
Corn flour and water mixture

Heat up wok and pour in around 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Sauté ginger, garlic, onions and dried chillies until fragrant. Add in the frogs and fry until they are cooked thoroughly. Add a little water. Put in the dark soya sauce, oyster sauce, cashew nuts, salt and sugar to taste. Pour a little corn flour water mixture into the wok. Garnish with spring onions and serve.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Steamed Grouper Fish with Celery and Salted Vegetable Recipe

This is another super fast but tasty recipe that can be prepared in a ‘jiffy’. Grouper fish goes along well with salted vegetable and the soup is good till the last drop. I love to drink the spicy, sour and salty soup. I added some celery to give the dish extra greens and crunch. However it is ok to opt out if you don’t take celery.

Grouper fish, 1 table size
Celery, 2 stalks, cut into bite sizes
Salted Vegetable, 3 leaves, cut into strips
Pickled Sour Plum, 2 pcs, crushed
Carrot, 1 pc, cut into strips
Ginger, 5 slices, cut into strips
Garlic, 3 pips, chopped finely
Olive oil or any vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon

Put the fish in a steaming tray and arrange all the ingredients on top of it. Steam the fish at high heat for 25 minutes. Garnish with Chinese Parsley and serve while still hot.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simple & Healthy Steamed Pomfret (Bawal Putih, Tau Tey) Fish with Soya Sauce Recipe

There are many types of pomfret(family Bramidae) and the meaty type that you used to see in Chinese Restaurant are call Tau Tey. I came across some nice locally caught Tau Tey (white pomfret) at the wet market and bought three small size ones. They were very fresh and would make a good steamed dish. The pomfret (tau tey) flesh is very fine and sweet. I decided not to add too much seasonings so that the natural fish flavours would be retained.

Pomfret, 3 fishes
Light Soya Sauce, 2 tablespoons
Ginger, 6 slices
Tomato, 1 pc, cut into bite sizes
Garlic, 3 pips, chopped finely and sautéed until golden brown
Carrot, 1/2 , cut into small strips
Olive oil, 1 tablespoon

Pour the soya sauce and olive oil on the fish. Arrange the ginger, tomato and carrot on top of the pomfret. Steam at high heat for 25 minutes or until the fish is cooked thoroughly. Garnish with fried garlic and serve.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner at Restaurant Hao Hao Kee & Sen Kee Duck Satay

After I posted about Sen Kee Duck Satay at Restaurant Hao Hao Kee, Smallkucing when over there to try out the dishes. Smallkucing mama, Mamarazzi highly recommended the pig intestine fried with bird eye chilli and crispy har mai (dried shrimps). After reading Smallkucing post, I knew I have to go back there to try this dish. We ordered the duck satay, braised taukan, stir fried kailan vegetable, fried intestine as recommended by Mamarazzi and pork ribs curry which happens to be one of their signature dish. The total bill came up to be RM51.60 excluding the duck satay. As usual the owner of the satay stall was busying barbecuing away sticks and sticks of Sen Kee Duck Satay. We just ordered a few as starters. The duck satay has nice aroma but a little chewy compared to chicken satay.
The Braised Tau Kan was nice and my kids flooded their rice with the gravy. Tau Kan is a very good alternative to meat.

There is nothing to shout about the stir fry kailan but it was fresh and crunchy.

Then the dish that I was waiting for was served; the fried pig intestine with crispy har mai (dried shrimps) and chilly padi (bird eye chilli). I like the way they cut the pork intestine. It looks like Hira-shuriken, a type of Ninja weapon that is shaped like a star. Makes me want to throw it around.......Hiya....., ha ha ha! For those who like spicy stuff and fried crispy har mai, you are sure to like this dish!

The pork ribs curry was full of the natural sweetness from the pork ribs. The meat was very tender and I love the gravy on my steamed rice. Made me ate more! LOL!

Address and map to: Sen Kee Duck Satay @ Restaurant Hao Hao Kee 27, Jalan 13, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur Handphone contact: 019 2187538, 019 2492572 Closed on Monday Google earth coordinate : 3.215984,101.62846