Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simplified Chicken Rendang Kunyit (Turmeric) Recipe

My simplified Rendand dish................I love to eat it with durian and rice! LOL!
I would normally store a bottle of fried kerisik (coconut grating) in my fridge and use it whenever I want to cook rendang (dry curry with coconut grating). This is a simplified rendang recipe and you can cook it in a jiffy. I used pre mixed Adabi Rendang curry powder, so it saved me the hassle of mixing my own rendang spice. Chicken don’t need long hours of cooking compared to beef. Therefore, I managed to prepare this wonderful dish within less than 30 minutes for dinner!

Chicken, ½, cut into small pieces
Adabi Rendang powder, mix with water to make a paste
Kunyit powder (turmeric), 1 tablespoon mix with Adabi Rendang paste
Kaffir Lime Leaves, 5 pcs, cut into small strips
Kerisik (fried grated coconuts), 1 tablespoon
Potato, 3, cut into four each, steamed until soft
Salt to taste

Serai(lemongrass), 2 pcs
Shallots, 5 pcs

Heat up wok and put in around 4 tablespoons of oil. Sauté serai and shallots mixture until fragrant. Add Adabi rendang powder and kunyit paste. Stir fry for a short while. Lower down the heat to avoid burning the paste. Add kerisik and kafir lime leaves. Put in the chicken and add a little water. Cover the wok until the chicken is cooked thoroughly. Add in the pre boiled potato. Stir until all the gravy cover the potato. Add salt to taste.


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

with durian?! o.0 it looks nice!

smallkucing said...

delicious. I like your simple recipe. Last time i went and follow those complicated naik gila when i tried to cook that kakakaka

Merryn said...

this one must try. must have some spice in my dish. otherwise bored of the usual garlic fry dishes... :(

PranisKitchen said...

thats a very delicious chicekn dish.. with turmeric as one of the main ingre sounds delicious.. good one pete

jen cheung said...

dont even talk about durian! I havent had them in months :( I miss them when I was in chinaaaa! BOOO. i love it. but never tried it with rice though! hehehe

PS: Have a lovely weekend!

suituapui said...

Looks yummy. You make your own kerisik...or you use the commercially-sold ones?

Pete said...

STP : I made my own kerisik....taste nicer!

mommy to chumsy said...

eventhough i just had dinner, your dishes are making me hungry again.

PFx said...

Rendang... Yum... (WHAT!!! DUrian again!) Hahaha...
You must be the biggest durian fan I know Pete. Durian gourmand indeed!

Annie Q said...

Did i see durian on your plate? Alamak! Just now i read claire eat durian with roti jala, now your rice with durian *faint*


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