Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spicy Young Coconut Tomyam Prawn Recipe

I tried to use young coconut water to cook tomyam which resulted in a little unique sweet and sour tasting soup. Ingredients Young coconut, 1pc, drained and keeps the water. Keep the coconut to put in the Tomyam Prawns, 150 gms, Cleaned, leave the shell on Onion, 1 pc, cut into four. Serai (lemongrass), 2 stalks, bashed Tomato, 1 pc, cut into four pcs Carrot, 1 pc, cut into round pieces or cubes Oyster Mushroom, 10 pcs (approximately 100gms) Nampla (fish sauce), 1 table spoon Kaffir lime leaves, 10 pcs Lime juice from 1 lime Tamarind, 2 table spoon, mix with a little water to make a paste and separate the seeds Chili paste or powder, 1 table spoon Bird Eye Chili, 3 pcs, bashed Salt to taste Vegetable oil, 1 table spoon Heat up wok and add in the vegetable oil. Put in the onions, chili paste and serai. Sautéed for a short while. Put in the coconut water and bring to a boil. Add in the carrot, kaffir lime leaves, bird eye chili and nampla. Add prawns, oyster mushroom, lime juice, tamarind paste juice, tomato and salt to taste. Boil for 1 minute. Serve the tomyam in the coconut shell.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... serve in a coconut shell? Abit weird, never try before. o.O

Josephine said...

I love tomyam! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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