Saturday, October 11, 2008

Traditional Flavour Roast Duck, Chai Leng Park Wet Market

This type of duck is roasted using traditional recipe and it taste different from the popular Hong Kong type of roast duck. I bought half a duck from Chai Leng Park wet market for RM10.00. At this price, it is a reasonable table dish for the family. The vendor told me to heat up the gravy and pour it over the roast duck before eating to enhance the flavour. The ducks are roasted early in the morning before the vendor set off to the market, so it is not hot anymore. The skin is not crispy but the meat is tender and it is not too oily. This stall also sells roast pork, char siew and roast chicken. Roast Duck Stall Chai Leng Park Wet Market Butterworth Tel : 012 4552770, 012 5512411 Related Post on Chai Leng Park Wet Market

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