Saturday, October 11, 2008

Natural Remedy for Cough Using Betel Nut (Pinang)

A soya bean juice seller suggested that I try betel nut boiled in water and rock sugar to cure my son’s cough. Well, it worked! My son and daughter stopped coughing after taking it. The taste is not bad! Ingredients RM 1 of betel nut (pinang) (around 8 nuts normally cut into half) Water, 2 bowl Rock sugar, 2 pcs (1”x1”x1”) Boil the pinang in 2 bowls of water for 2 hours. Add rock sugar and drink the juice. Guys, if this doesn’t work maybe you could try to buy betel nut to chew from the sexy Taiwanese betel nut beauty selling betel nut along Taiwan freeway. But don’t get choked! Just joking. Ha Ha. Disclaimer: This is a traditional herbal cure. Prolong cough needs medical attention. The author shall not be held responsible for any side effect or allergic reaction or any other consequences that may occur if you choose to try this remedy. One packet like this normally cost RM1........The betel nut juice in the pot after boiling for 2 hrs Cheers! Using the cute 888 cup that my friend gave me when I attended the opening ceremony of his restaurant in Kota Damansara Related Post on Herbal Remedy


Mommy to Chumsy said...

ooo..another great tip. thanks :D how did it taste like? sweet?

Pete said...

Mommy : It taste sweet and good. My baby, who refused to take normal cough mixture like this Betel Nut infusion.

mistipurple said...

thanks for the tip.
i read from the internet that rubbing a little vicks on base of feet and wearing socks thereafter also helps cough (go to sleep thereafter).
but as usual, practise with caution.
for myself, i am too sensitive. my soles a bit red. though most of the comments i read were positive. ;)


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