Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Herbal Cure for Warts, Andrographis Paniculata Nees (Snake Herb, Hempedu Bumi)

My late grandpa uses Nees as one of the ingredients in his herbal snake bites cure and has helped saved many people when he was alive, without charging any fees. Nees is cultivated from India to China and it is a very common plant in South East Asia. Nees is also known as snake herb (by the Chinese), hempedu bumi (Malay name), kalmegh (India), sambiloto (Jawa) and fatalaijun (Thai). Nees has dark leaves, reaching the height of around 2 feet and has green fruits that look like large grain of rice pointing upwards to the sky. Take a walk around your neighborhood and you are sure to find someone cultivating Nees in their garden. Research has shown that extract from Nees can inhibit HIV 1 and HIV 2 virus, so it might be a potential cure for HIV in the future. Nees is effective in curing skin disease such as filliform warts (long narrow small growth on the skin), flat warts (smooth yellow brown spots), plantar warts (sole of the foot in the form of thicken skin, flatten by pressure of walking) and boils. Warts are viral infection (human papillomavirus types) of the skin and it is very hard to get rid of it. Take some of the nees leaves and pound it into paste. Put it onto the infected area and hold it down using a plaster. Repeat until the warts drop off. Disclaimer: The author shall not be held responsible for any allergic reaction or other effects that may occur if you choose to try out this herbal remedy. Prolong skin problem needs professional medical attention. Nees, dark green leaves with seeds that point upwards! Related Post on Herbal Remedy


Edward said...

So is there any available in Malaysia? And how do we make it?
Wow a cure for HIV would really be great to save many ppl.

Anonymous said...

I posted on that long ago. I make tea with the leaves and drink everyday. Very good for many things including high bp, diabetes and even inhibits cancer tumour growth... Never noticed the seed sticking up high until you mentioned it! Symbolic kah? LOL!!!

Chobits said...

Wow, seems that you know a lot. Thanks for the info, if next time "dai gat lai si" kena bite by snake, i will look around for Nees, what if there is no Nees around? Is is safe to hisap blood fromt the affected area?

eunice said...

There are so much useful herbs around us that we usually turn a blind eye on them due to ignorance!

Recently when we were in Bidor, somewhere near Ipoh, my auntie kept plucking some leaves like this one
and said it's herb and it belongs to Bodhi tree. Not really sure of what she said.

Pei Pei said...

this is the most bitter herbal medicine that i've ever taken but it's an effective medicine for my tonsilitis.
Peter do you have the plants? I want to plant some at home. Thanks

Pete said...

Edward : Sure, you can find it in Malaysia.

STP : Maybe can use for the 'other' type of cure also. Ha Ha. LOL!

Chobits : It will be dangerous to 'hisap' out the blood, especially if u hv mouth ulcers, the venom will go into it, it will be worst. I will cover snake bite on my next post. Snake bite better rush to Hosp ASAP for antivenom.

Pete said...

Eunice : I don't have records for Bodhi tree medicinal value but I think it is used more for religious reason than for remedy.

Pei pei : Will send you some seeds.

Anonymous said...

Pete, got any remedy herbal remedy for blackheads? You know, the resdung on the nose...

Anyway... does it really serve as antivenom? issit really effective? You know, Malaysian hospital does not keep much antivenom. I know people who died WAITING for antivenom in GH. :-(


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