Thursday, October 23, 2008

Food Planet 888 Food Court, SS19, PJ

‘Na noo Na noo, see you at Planet 888 Food court’, I received this sms from my friend. This food court started operation recently and Mr. Tham told me about it. Planet 888 is a very big food court with many stalls and shops inside. There are ample parking spaces and also a car wash here. The first one and a half hour parking is free and so is from 6pm to 6am. I met Mr. Kim, the owner of the Korean Food Stall. Mr. Kim is a very hardworking and friendly person. ‘Anyeong Haseyo!, he will great you. He is real good at promoting his food to whoever passes by his stall. I ordered the Don Gas Dish, which is actually Korean style pork chop, friend rice, Kim chi and fun fries. You can opt for salad if you don’t take Kim chi. The Don Gas dish is priced at RM7, comes with generous serving. The taste, thumbs up. This stall also serves other traditional Korean food priced from RM7 to RM10. Mr. Kim also has another similar food stall in Asia Cafe, Subang Jaya. Kamsa Hamnida Mr. Kim for the nice food.
The Don Gas dish................................................... Friendly and hardworking Mr. Kim
The drinks counter at the back..................................Planet 888
Address : Planet 888 Food Court Jln 19/18, Section 19 Petaling Jaya GPS Latitude 3° 6'50.16"N Longitude 101°37'37.67"E Map to Planet 888, SS19


LZ said...

All korean food?
I smelled kimchi before, cant bear the smell, am really wonder if I can take it ;) said...

hmmm... looks good, will try it on my next sales call to KL

Calvin Soo KJ said...

my mum and sis lurv korean food since they became korean drama junkie. my sis went to korea just to visit the film location of winter sonata.....a fanatic really. i cant stand the taste of kimchi, but the aroma is ok though. i'll try going to the restaurant this saturday. thanks for the post bro. cheers.....

mistipurple said...

kimchi makes my eyes small small. but the bulgogi makes them big big. so balance up. :P

Monica said...

oh I love kimchi! should go try their Korean food one day ;-)

suituapui said...

Liza de Inn again! ARE always hanging around thos eparts. Ur house near there kah? LOL!!!

Pete said...

lz : Kimchi is good for digestion leh!

Mommy : The food court is nice and clean. Still brand new.

Calvin : One of my lady engineer lagi best, she married a Korean after watching Winter Sonata. LOL

Misti : Bibimbap make ur cheek chubby chubby lorr, ha ha!

Monica : Kimchi is nice and good for health

STP : Ha ha, u seems to know a lot abt Lisa De Inn lorr. Last time my office used to be near here. LOL

My Bug Life said...

Hi Pete! I tried the food here...but found it to be so-so only..but my friend's order of spicy pan mee looks really good. I may go back for that the next time :) Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great weekend too!


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