Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chinese Roast Pork, Chai Leng Park Wet Market, Butterworth

Roast pork stall and a nice piece of roast pork Roast pork trotters, good for cooking sour vegetable soup! I will always ‘tar pau’ (take away) the roast pork from this stall. Sometimes I will also bring it back to KL. I have been eating roast pork from this stall for the last 30 years. Ha Ha, this is a very long time. Mom will normally buy roast pork from this stall when we were staying in this neighborhood. It is roasted to perfection and I love to eat it with ‘Mee Ku’ (Chinese Tortoise Bun). Roast Pork Stall Chai Leng Park Wet Market Butterworth GPS Latitude 5°23'6.03"N Longitude 100°23'28.11"E Tel : 012 4277842 CHAI LENG PARK, BUTTERWORTH MAP Related Post on Chai Leng Park Wet Market

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