Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chinese Nasi Lemak, Chai Leng Park Wet Market, Butterworth

I use to see many people queuing up to buy nasi lemak from this motorbike vendor. So I decided to try out the nasi lemak. I bought 2 packets of prawn curry and long beans nasi lemak. The price per packet is RM2.10. The rice has nice fragrance and the curry is very tasty. I am going back for some more! Now I know why many people will be there waiting for this nasi lemak uncle to arrive early in the morning. He always parks his bike/stall in the lane between Tingkat Kurau 4 and Medan Kurau 1. Nasi Lemak Motorbike Vendor Lorong (lane) between Tingkat Kurau 4 and Medan Kurau 1 Chai Leng Park wet market, Prai, Butterworth Take away only. GPS Latitude 5°23'6.84"N Longitude 100°23'26.32"E Selling nasi lemak from a motorbike stall! Related Post on Chai Leng Park Wet Market

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Anonymous said...

This must be worth a try considering ppl queuing in line just for nasi lemak from this biker guy. Thanks for visiting and commenting :)


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