Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jokes – My American Friend Eats Satay at Kajang

My American friend (John, not his real name) loves barbecue meat so I told him to try out the satay (grilled spiced meat on sticks) at a stall in Kajang. I gave him direction to the place. He actually took another of his American colleague there.

John (American Friend): Hi Pete, thank you for introducing the satay stall to me. We had some good food there and the price is damm cheap!

Me: That’s great, John. Cheap?

John: Yes, Roger and I ate around 70 to 80 sticks of satay and it only cost us RM15.00 plus drinks.

Me: That cheap! What did you do with the sticks after you ate the satay?

John: We threw them on the ground of course! Some, we left on the table but most of it on the ground! Are you telling me that they need to recycle the sticks?

Me: No, they don’t recycle the sticks. They will count the sticks and charge you by the number of sticks.

John: Oh oh....... (Grin).

Note: If you remember, when you eat satay in Kajang quite some time back, they will bring the satay to you and you just have to eat as much as you can and they will charge you by counting the sticks. They will take back whatever satay that you didn't consume. But, I noted recently that some of the restaurants are not using this system anymore.

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LZ said...

Hahah that's a good tactic!! XD Can eat unlimited number of satay!!

Anonymous said...

Kajang got like that meh? I thought I always ordered how many sticks of each type of meat?...Last time, I used to go for Lok Lok/satay steamboat in Newton Circus, Singapore. They would count the sticks after I had finished eating.

eugene said...

so bro, next time if you have got visiting foreign friends, better do some intros first,, otherwise lots of funny things would crap up

Anonymous said...

ur American friend always do something funny once a while

Anonymous said...

I know that u already received the butterfly award.

But i would like to give u this award as well.

You can check the award list via this link.

Pete said...

Lz : Ya lorrr but they are innocent. LOL

STP : Yes they used to practice this method last time but not healthy lorrr!

Eugene : Ha ha then I can write more jokes abt them lah. LOL

Garfield : Those guys are very adventurous. Thks for the award. I have put up your link in my sidebar above the award logo.

Anonymous said...

LMAO... so Pete, your American friend get to eat a lot of satay for free lah. LOL. Your friend is hillarious, always makes blunders in foreign countries. :-D *shakes head*

Pete said...

Cleff : I should have followed him and eat for free lorrrr. Grin....heh heh.


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