Monday, September 29, 2008

Jokes – My American Friend in the Pub

This is another joke about my adventurous American friend (John, not his real name), the same person who was chased out of a restaurant by the stall owner when he asked for chili. See previous post Jokes – My American Friend got Chased Out from a Restaurant. One day, I brought him to a pub in Damansara Utama. While we were drinking, one of the waitresses that I know came over to chat with us.

Me: John, this is Mandy.

John (American Friend): Hello Mandy, nice to meet you.

Mandy: Hi John. How are you?

Me: Mandy works as a part time waitress here and she normally leaves the pub after 9pm to report work at another place. She is a hardworking girl.

John: Mmmmm, interesting. I wonder how you cope with 2 night jobs. By the way, where is your second work place?

Mandy: I work in Chinatown.*

John: Oh, you work in ‘Chee Chong Kai’. (Chee Chong Kai is the Cantonese name for Chinatown, Petaling Street where there are a lot of stalls selling cheap fake goods) I almost spew out my beer!

*There used to be a nightclub in Damansara Utama by the name of Chinatown Nightclub, same row as 7 Eleven, at the back of OCBC Bank. I think they have already changed their name.

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Roses said...

i would prolly say the same thing...
i wouldnt there is a chinatown nighclub lurking
was it a PURE nightclub or they sell "other services" too???

Anonymous said...

Pete... your friends obviously needs more lesson on how to be a Canotonese/Mandarin speaking angmoh. LMAO.

Pete said...

Rose : Ha Ha, it looks like a restaurant from outside lorrr.

Cleff : Ha Ha, if he is fluent, then there goes all the fun. LOL

Anonymous said...

Petaling Street these days looks nicer liao lor...not like before, but I feel that it has lost its soul! Like Singapore!!! Some things are best left on their own!!!

Kikey Loo said...

i never know Chinatown is Chee Cheong Kai. maybe cos i am from Penang, not from KL


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