Monday, September 22, 2008

Papadam – All Time Favourite Indian Keropok (Crispy Cracker)

A packet of raw papadam...............................How it looks like inside I get to eat all of the papadam that cannot go in to the container! Everyone loves the papadam (papadum) and it is a must have whenever you are eating nasi kandar at the mamak(Indian Muslim) stall. The basic ingredients for making the papadam are urid flour, salt, rice flour, oil and jeera seeds. . In Tamil it is known as pappaṭām and in Telegu as Appadam. I bought this packet of uncooked papadam from the local store. A pack of 120gms padadam is enough to fill up a large Tupperware after it is deep fried in hot oil. Some other types of papadam are actually toasted in fire and are thicker than the one found commercially. Yummy…..going to eat my papadam now………crunch crunch…..


Anonymous said...

You know... i love to take papadam with spicy nasi briyani... it's heavenly. Crunch crunch!

Anonymous said...

I love papadums, They so stingy at shops...give one piece only! I bought two packets at TESCO in SP that day. Haven't cooked yet. Can hardly find here...cos so few Indians!

Roses said...

i only love to take papadam. but they usually come free if you are eating their rice or whatever thing in the restaurant. they dont just serve papadam, do they?!? hehehe..
papadam is on the first in my fav indian food (hate tonnes of spices)

i always thought the raw papadam will be smaller in size like our own prawn crackers. expand upon frying..looks like i was wrong...

where can i buy that?? only indian store??cheap anot?

Edward said...

I love papadam too. Its best when its crunchy. But controlling my diet recently (Getting too fat already). I thk it's abit oily. :P

Pete said...

Cleff : Ya, papad is good with all the curries. Yummy

Suituapui : Like that can start papad business there lorrr! LOL

Rose : Some restaurant sell them in plastics pack. You can raw ones at Tesco, Giant and all the major hypermarket and also Indian Shops at the dry food sections. Tesco even have small ones like 50cents coin but the big normal type taste better.

Edward : I think it is ok to indulge in this food once a while. Can drink Chinese tea to was away all the oil from the system.

Josephine said...

Too oily?
There is a way of cooking it without oil. And it works!!!
The answer is: Microwave it for a few seconds (around 10 seconds), but make sure you put only one papadam at a time.


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