Monday, September 1, 2008

Simple Recipe – Chicken Siew Mai, Fried Sui Kau and Sui Kau Soup (Chinese Dim Sum)

It is Ramadan month again and I wish our Muslim friends selamat berpuasa. I made this chicken siew mai recipe so that my muslim friends can try them out during the puasa month. I decide to make three of the above dishes at one go. Here are the recipes.

50 pcs of Wantan Sheets (Around RM1.00)
1 Carrot, cut into round thin piece (10 pcs)

For the filling
300 gms of Minced Chicken Meat
150 gms of Minced Prawn Meat (Cut into bigger pieces if you like to feel the chunkyness of the prawns)
2 teaspoons of corn flour
2 teaspoons of salt or to taste
3 teaspoon of sesame oil
3 teaspoon of vegetable oil ( I added oil because I used lean Chicken Meat or else the Siew Mai filling will not be smooth)
1 tablespoon of Shao Shing Chiew(optional)
2 Water Chestnut, remove skin and chop in to small pieces
2 stalks of spring onions chopped finely
1 onion, chopped finely
2 table spoon of soya sauce
½ teaspoon of pepper
Add all the ingredients above and stir well.

A) Siew Mai(Steamed)

1) My giant size soya sauce, shao shing shiew, Sesame oil, spring onions, water chestnut, minced chicken, minced prawns and wantan skins 2) All the ingredients mixed and ready. This following pictures show you how to make the siew mai. Scoop one table spoon of filling into the wantan skin. Then fold as above. Use your thumb and index finger to shape the top and bottom. Put the siew mai on carrot slices so that it will not stick to the plate. (Learned this from Chef Martin Yan) LOL! Since I don't have fish eggs, I used finely chopped carrots to decorate the siew mai top. I made 10 siew mai. Ready before steaming. Siew mai ready after steaming for 20 minutes.

B) Fried Sui Kow
I made sui kow from the rest of the filling and wantan skin. Just put some filling(use less than the one for siew mai) and fold the skin in to a triangle shape. Before you fold the sui kow, spread some water between the surface so that it can stick well together. I made 40 pcs of sui kow. Deep fry the sui kow in hot oil until crispy. Two plates above are the sui kow before frying. I fried 33 sui kow. (7 to be used for soup)

C) Sui Kau Soup
2 bowls of Water
1 stalk of spring onions
½ chicken bones
Salt to taste
Choy Sum (green vegetable, cabbage green)

Cut the rest of the leftover carrots into cubes A dash of pepper Put the water into a pot and boil. Add in chicken bones, carrots and 1 stalk of spring onions when the soup is boiling. Then add salt and a dash of pepper. Put in the 7 pcs of the Sui Kow that you have made earlier(in B). Boil for 2 minutes. Add Choy Sum. Garnish with chopped spring onions before serving. The sui kow soup..................................................Tasty sui kow. HAPPY COOKING!


cc said...

Thanks for sharing! I love love love siew mai! Will try it when I have the time.

cleffairy said...

I think I'll skip that dim sum....I am hopeless in making them. Absolutely no skill. I only have skill in hunting them down in the frozen aisle in the supermarket! :-P

eunice said...

Wow you know how to cook well!

Thank you very much for sharing!! I ever tried making some wanton but I missed out so much after reading thru your receipe!! No wonder mine not nice. I still have some wanton skin. Will try again!!!

Thank you!

Kikey Loo said...

dim sum in US not really nice!
miss Malaysia dim sum...

LZ said...

Wah..looks really delicious!!

Is this ur first attempt to make them? It's a big success!! :D

I wonder if the shui kao I make (in the future) will open up or x when I fry them, or put into soup. Heheh..

BeverLy's Secret said...

OMG!!! Look so yummy!!!
Yum Yum Yum~~
I wish to try it too!!!

Pete said...

cc: Siew mai is healthy food. Happy cooking!

cleff : You can make it lah, try the fried Sui Kow first.You will not go wrong!

Eunice : Thks for the compliments. The siew mai will taste a bit dry because I used lean chicken meat. I thk if I use pork belly meat the taste will be very good!

Kikey : I think in US they are more health conscious and use less fat meat in the siew mai. Furthermore I think they are frozen ones. Malaysian Siew Mai use a lot of pork fat lor!
That is why it is more tasty. LOL

lz : First time attempt lah, but Still need to modify a bit. Before you fold the wantan skin, put a little bit of water on the surface. It will turn sticky and when you wrap it, the two surface will stick together.

Beverly : Taste good with Kg Koh Garlic Chili sauce!

Chris said...

Oh? R u a chef or somehting?
Cos u really know how to cook wo. :)

Pete said...

Hi Chris, no lah, cooking is just a hobby! Eating too. LOL

EVo said...

Fren! u damn power la...a guy who!

Criz Lai said...

The recipe is simple yet delicious. I normally will add in some slices of wood fungus to have that extra crunchiness from within. As for the prawns, it's advisable to use a scissor to cut it into small pieces instead of mincing it as you can savor the taste of the prawns better.

mistipurple said...

teacher teacher, how come your sui kau so nice in the soup form? like shiny oily skin like that. very smooth.
the siew mai after steaming, say about one hour, will be dry dry or not? (obviously mine is dry dry)

Pete said...

evo : Just a hobby only lah.

Criz : Yes, if u like to be able to feel the prawns then u can just cut it. Thks, I will add a note in my post.

Misti : If u want your sui kow to be shinny and not too soft, don't boil for too long, 1 to 2 mins in boiling water will do.
U can add a few drops of vegetable oil on the siew mai right after steaming so that it will look shiny and will not dry up.

cleffairy said...

I'm gonna try to make the sui kow soup tonite... i wonder how it'll turn out... sure soggy dim sum kaing skills are really pathetic...i tink better start with frying it... *sigh*

Josephine said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe! I like siew mai and wan tan too. Will definitely try out. I am very hungry now lah.....

Roses said...

my mom usually stuffs her suikow with meat plus's quite good too. it got me salivating now.

but the best of all, is the one with the highest calories, my fav--FRIED SUIKOW...damn sinful can?!

note: knowing some girls are quite particular with calories-count..

p/s: suikow and wanton the same right?!

Pete said...

Rose : Sometimes I just call it fried wanton because if u say fried sui kow in Penang, not many people will understand. Basically it is the same to me, only the filling that varies. Different vendors have their own secret. Generally they make fried wanton smaller and fried sui kow with bigger wantan wrapper.

suituapui said...

Drool! They certainly look delicious! U must be one hell of a cook!...I only do simple, kampung dishes!

Anonymous said...

You have a kind heart. GOD bless you.


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