Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Memories From Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle, Donsao (Laos)

I visited Chiang Mai with my wife a few months before I started my blog. Life in Chiang Mai is more slow moving compared to Bangkok. On arrival at the airport we were greeted by a beautiful lady with flower garlands. Chiang Mai is a haven for shoppers. We actually came back with 2 extra luggages. In Thailand, you will get a better bargain if shop at wholesales stores. We found a very nice set of curtains (6pcs) for our master bedroom for only RM100. These are the major places we visited. Doi Suthep Temple Doi Suthep Temple is located on top of a hill and there is a modern rail system that takes you right up to the top of the temple. You can also choose an alternative way up by climbing the stairs. Not very high up, just like Batu Caves in KL. It was raining heavily when we reached the top and the floors are real slippery because we are required to take off our shoes to go in to the main prayers hall.
Doi Suthep Temple
Khantoke Dinner & Thai Culture Show The dishes that were served are curry pork, fried tapioca, fried pork skin, cabbage, fried chicken, glutinous rice, fresh celery, long beans, tomatoes and something like pickled mustard (ham choy) . I found the food served here a bit sweet. How nice to have dinner and see traditional dance show at the same time.
The Kantoke stage.................................................Yummy Northern Thai food Beautiful ladies dancing Video I took - Lion or Goat Dance? Maesa Elephant Camp This is a real big elephant’s camp. I think there are at least 50 elephants in this camp. I bought some bananas to feed the elephant. The elephant that I sat on ate all the bananas I bought at one go! It was fun to see the elephants playing football and paint pictures. Cute pachyderms! Show time!................................................................Elephant painting

Cute Elephants playing football

Orchid Farm There are lots of orchid hybrids here. There is also a small enclosure for various types of butterfly. My wife snap this shot......................Shiny golden butterfly pupa Chiang Rai Hot Springs The ladies in our tour group are not interested in the hot springs. They went straight to some of the shops there to do their shopping immediately without even stopping by to look at the hot spring. My wife bought around 10 pcs of silver jewelries! Have to change some more Thai Bahts again! Manage to capture this picture from the van. Wrong spelling 'sping' White Temple- Wat Rongkhun Chiang Rai This beautiful temple is still under construction. Each small pieces of mirror that are embedded on the cement make the structure sparkle under the rays of the sun. Construction on the way........................................Me, at the White Temple, Chiang Rai Long Neck Karen Village I was told that the ladies in this tribe wear the heavy metal rings to protect their neck from tiger attack. The heavy rings pushed down the shoulder bones and therefore make the neck appear long. Their neck will break easily if the rings are taken out and normally these people will suffer from respiratory problem when they are old. The tradition is slowly dying and most of the young generation chooses not to wear this cumbersome rings anymore. These people are actually not from this area. They are brought here by the tourism people to stay in this village for a fee. The place they originated from is very remote, near the Loas border. A Longneck Karen lady and boy..........................A pretty young longneck Karen girl Umbrella Factory Northern Thailand made umbrellas are very popular. The Saa tree fibre is used to produce the paper for making the umbrella. I bought one nice red umbrella for my daughter. Drying papers and umbrellas in the sun..............Saa tree that is used to make the paper

Nice paintings at the umbrella factory. You can get your clothes painted there too!

Golden Triangle The Golden Triangle is where three countries meet; Burma, Thailand and Loas. These areas are popular places for growing poppy plants which are used to make drugs. We had lunch at a restaurant near the Mekong River. The dishes served are beancurd sheet wrapped meat (like lobak), spicy tomyam that I learned to cook ( Fiery Hot Vegan Basil Soup), tomato sauce meat, fried fish and vegetable. After lunch took a ride down Mekong River and crossed over to no man land, Donsao, Laos. Shopping again! Lunch next to bank of Mekong River..................Yours truly in Laos

Aphrodisiac liquors with lizard, snake, pangolin, frog......& this one with tiger penis (drink already hari -hari mau lorrr, wife will kill you!)
Cars from China being transported to Thailand via Mekong River.
This cute Thai Hill Mynah Bird speaking Thai - Hear it laugh at the end! Dinner at one of the Chinese restaurant on the way back to Chiang Mai. The Thepprasit honey and pollen that we bought for our son who is having sinus problem. The honey is real nice, maybe because of the poppy flowers. These stuffs cost a bomb! Luckily, my son's sinus problem improved a bit. The Suriwongse Hotel at Chiangmai. Convenient location, the night market is just outside the hotel.
A pretty young Thai lady from Nok Band singing On Top of The World in the Hotel. She sings very well!
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cbenc12 said...

i havent been chiangmai b4.. looks like a nice place.. i love bangkok though :D

Kikey Loo said...

wow.. nice places, i never been there yet, only went to Hattyai.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really cool place! That food looks really really good :) I have seen that video of the elephant playing football before and its amazing! Hey i also found a cool new site that you will like a lot! baraaza.com

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Lovely place!Great shots :)

Bridge Schmidt said...

Hey Pete. I also went to Thailand about three years ago. Did you see my post yet? It's entitled "Escape to Thailand".

I love this place. I didn't now you've been traveling all over Asia too. And you said you went to Boston? Yeah! I love that place. It's just so hard to find your place because the roads are busy always and poorly marked.

Anyway, I wrote new updates about Boston with my stories and more photos. I met up with Kikey there from Penang. Read our meeting together. See yah! Dont forget to drop another comment. Haha!

Lakshmi said...

never been there..thanks for this tour..looks quite exotic

Anonymous said...

The longneck ladies... dun they feel painful with all those ornaments around them?

Pete said...

cben12 : Thks for dropping by. Chiang Mai is a more relaxing place than Bangkok. Air is cleaner too.

Kikey : Nice whether during the winter. They have grapes plant there as well.

justin : Thks for visiting. Ya, the elephants are amazing animals.

Sammera : Chiangmai is a nice place.

Bridge : Boston is a very old city. The road system is not that very well planned. But I am glad to find the Penang Cafe in the middle of Boston Chinatown.

lakshmi : Thk for dropping by. Yes, Chiang Mai is one exotic place.

Cleff : The rings very heavy lorr. Actually caused scars. I saw some scars on the young children shoulder. Very painfull to wear.

Anonymous said...

I love the food! Ate till I couldn't wear my pants. Had to buy new ones!!!...Lucky u were there earlier, not during the recent turmoil!!! So unsafe these places, wouldn't want to go...in case get trapped there!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

wah...pete. you really do travel a lot. it is my dream to travel at least 5 times a year...which i now could not. anyways, are you sure the ladies dancing are actually....ladies. you can hardly tell. especially in thailand and chiang mai. and i would love to have them tiger "sticks"....hahaha. then my wife will know who's the boss...lol.

Pete said...

Suituapui : Yeah, lucky I was there early but that time the farmer was protesting the low price they have to sell their produce to the middleman. Our van have to take a detour around the paddy fields small roads.

Calvin : Now with the new baby, cannot travel that much already.
Don't have to use the tiger 'sticks', my friend just told me that the mangosteen juice (very popular now) can increase your performance also larr. It actually increase your blood circulation like ginseng and tongkat ali. One of the active ingredient is flavonid. But it you r going to use fresh mangosteen, you have to eat the skin as the active ingredients are found on the skins. LOL

Chris said...

Wau!! Amazing Thailand!!

mistipurple said...

the mynah is so cute! *piewpiewpiew*
sounds so real. i couldn't tell which was the real human voice at some stage!

Pete said...

Chris : Thailand is nice

Misty : All the voice you hear in the video comes from the mynah. Amazing huh?


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