Thursday, September 11, 2008

BBQ Restaurant, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur (Roast Pork, Ribs, Char Siew, Duck)

Sorry not clear, hand shaking, too hungry..........Roast Pork belly, ribs and Char Siew Oily Rice...................................................................BBQ Restaurant Price List This is one of the old eateries in town. I have taken these pictures 2 months ago and I have just found it hidden in some of my computer folders. I had lunch with one of my old college buddy here. It is normally packed during lunch time. There is a small air-conditioned section at the very end of the shop, which will normally have unoccupied tables. The wantan mee here is of a very thin type, which is quite good because it soaked up all the tasty sauce. My friend ordered the oily rice. We also ordered a plate of mixed meat; Char Siew(Sweet Barbecue Pork), Roast Ribs and Roast Pork. All of these meats are roasted to perfection and the meat is tender. I love the taste. The total bill for these plus drinks came out to be RM23.40, reasonable for a restaurant in the heart of KL town. Apart of what we ate that day, this shop also serve curry mee and chicken rice. Address: BBQ Restaurant (Next To Ambank) 85 Jln Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur HP : 017/012 -3776157 Opening Hours: 8am to 11pm (4pm to 6pm rest) GPS: Latitude 3°10'10.80"N Longitude 101°41'45.16"E BBQ Restaurant, Jalan Ipoh Map


Calvin Soo KJ said...

aiyar...bro. cant wait to go down kl lar. missed my boat the other day. anyways, i should be going to kl this month end with a buddy of mine. most probably before raya. this time, no wives included. just ol male buddies going googoogaagaa over the babes in kl......hehehe

Anonymous said...

HUWA!!! Caught you here Calvin! i'm gonna report to Rachellllll!!!

Neway... oily rice? O.o, as in nasi minyak?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

clef, she know about it oredy. cant go holidaying without her consent now could i. neh neh neh neh cannot catch me *grins*

Pete said...

Ha Ha, we r going to see fried chicken thighs only larrr not babes thighs. LOL

Sugar & Spice said...

i have lunch here pretty often as I work nearby. Also found out that they have another branch in Cheras - the char siew is divine.


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