Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tong Sui (Dessert), Kuih (Malaysian Cakes) and Cheap Western Food at Siong Pin Restaurant SS3

Kuih Koci, Spring rolls and dumplings.................Matt Chuk Tong Sui The Tong Sui Stall. Notice the Western food price list on the wall? This is one of my favorite hangouts during tea time. They have a large variety of kuih, fried noodles and nice Tong Sui. I ordered 1 fried popiah (spring rolls), kuih koci(nyonya kuih with black sugar filling, so so only), dumpling and Matt Chuk Tong Sui. The price for all of these came up to be RM2.80. The dumpling is quite special. The skin is like the one for Chai Kueh but the filling is made from tofu, long beans, sengkuang(turnips) and prawn. The Tong Sui stall starts operation at 2.30pm and the dishes are normally sold out by 8pm.

This restaurant also serves Western Food and business start from 4pm to 12 midnight. Here is the price list of the very reasonably priced western food available: Chicken Chop RM6 Lamb Chop RM8 Fish and Chips RM6 Rib Eye Steak RM9 Sirlion Steak RM9 T Bone Steak RM12 Mushroom soup RM3 Spicy Calamari Rm5

Address: Siong Pin Restaurant 30, Jln SS3/31, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor , Malaysia Operation Hours: Tong Sui 2.30pm to 8pm Western Food 4pm to 12 midnight GPS google map Latitude 3° 5'39.91"N Longitude 101°36'40.60"E Jln SS3/31, Petaling Jaya Map


cc said...

Oh I love Kuih Koci! Haven't had those in ages!

Have a good weekend!

cleffairy said...

Pete arr, you're a pure evil! T_T I'm working and you tempt me with food. :-( I am very kelian wan!

Pete said...

cc : The kuih koci in this stall hv diffrent filling, the used grated coconut instead of gula melaka.

Cleff : Ha Ha, Will be dropping by this Tong Sui shop on my way to Puchong appointment afterwards. Want me to pick u up from ur office? LOL


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