Friday, September 26, 2008

Camel – One Hump and Two Humps?

This is Egyptian Camel The Camel is a very remarkable animal. Camel has several body characteristics that help them to adapt to the desert environment. Here are some of their characteristics.

1) The hump of a camel actually doesn’t store water. Fats are stored here and it can be converted to energy and water.
2) They can withstand severe changes in temperature, using efficient controls in their skins. In the day they may not sweat at all, therefore conserving water in their body.
3) Water vapor from their breath can be trapped by their nostrils and absorb back into their body.
4) Camel coats can reflect sunlight.
5) Camel red blood cell is oval in shaped and it will not rupture when they drink water excessively.
6) The structure of the camel feet and camel toe is suitable for walking on the loose and fine desert sand without sinking. Camels are even-toed ungulates and double- pulley joint bone structure gives them greater stability.
7) They can close their nostrils using their nose muscle and this is useful protection for the respiratory system during a sandstorm. (Ha Ha, I wish I could do that!)

Have you ever wonder why some camels have one humps and some have two humps? Arabian camel has one hump, known as Dromedary. Bactrian camels that are found in North Eastern Asia like Mongolia and China has two humps.


Kikey Loo said...

thanks for sharing those info, never thunk abt that!

garfield said...

b4 this i though arabs camel got 2 humps coz can store more fats, lol

looks like i am wrong.

anyway, there is 1 type of camel i about it a lot.

this is the type of camel i know a lot.

Pete said...

Kikey : I like the 2 humps one, can ride in between it. Ha ha

Garfield : Ha Ha, that type of camel no humps but got 'sticks' only. LOL

Josephine said...

Wow! Thanks fro sharing wor, never thought of that.

garfield said...

yeah pete, can addict to it some more

garfield said...

yeah pete, can addict to it some more

Calvin Soo KJ said...

humps....hahahah *thinking dirty*....sorry, sorry. dunno why suddenly became a freak....ehem, seriously, your postings are getting more and more educational these days....i likey very much. now i can brag in office on my new input as though im a walking thanks pete. cheers mate.

cleffairy said...

Huh? I tot inside got water wan? I was wrong! LOL...

Eh? Pete... you also put the copyright protection oredi. LOL... you went to Garfield's blog issit?

Dammit la, pete... this entry keep make me think of a song... that one that sing "my humm, my hummm" deng, dono wud song issit... cannot get it out of my head.

suituapui said...

Ummm...though you were talking about a different kind of hump! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Sorry, I d.o.m. (dirty old man)!!!

Pete said...

josephine : Heh Heh , many will not notice.

Garfield : Lucky it is not Rough Rider. LOL

Calvin : Ha Ha, since you guys thought of different humps, see my next post on cameltoe.

Suituapui : Ha ha see my next camel post. LOL


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