Sunday, September 21, 2008

Part 1 - The Small Flasher & Part 2- Self Defense for Ladies– Street fight method

Part 1 Jo Ann (not her real name) is a pretty girl and wherever she goes; her looks will not fail to attract attention. She commutes daily to work using public transport and she has to walk quite a distance to the bus stop from her house. She has bumped into many flashers and got quite used to it until she is actually not afraid of these sick perverts anymore. There was a pervert living next door to her. One weekend, she wakes up quite early to do her laundry. While she was outside hanging out her clothes to dry, she noticed that her neighbour was acting suspiciously. Suddenly her neighbour pulled down his pants and flashes his ‘thing’ at her. She was unfazed by his action and kept her cool. She told the flasher loudly, “Ha Ha Ha, your ‘thing’ is damm small lah, just like a small kid and you got nothing to show”. Somehow, the insecure pervert just dash back into his home and actually move out of there after one week. I am not sure whether she made any police report or not. Caution: Ladies, don’t try to say this to a flasher, if you encounter one of these perverts, just walk a way quickly or shout for help. Part 2 With the crime rate rising, it is good to know some self defense techniques that will become handy if you are cornered. Our main purpose is to temporarily paralyze the assailant so that you will have time to run away. Don’t try to fight if the assailant is armed with dangerous weapon. Attack only when there is an opportunity to do so. The diagram shows some of the vulnerable point of the body. Please use this self defense method only when necessary as it is very dangerous and a strike with the right impact to some these areas may result in death.

Eyes: Use your fingers to jab the eye of the assailant. You will have a better reach with your hand if you open your palm and jab the eyes with your fingers. If you have your car keys, hold it between your fingers with your fist closed and use it to jab the attacker. I make it a point to hold my car keys this way while walking to the car park. The assailant can be permanently blinded. Nose: Use your fist, elbow or palm to hit the nose of the attacker. This will cause him great pain and may let you go if he is holding on to you. When he is in pain a hook (punch that swing in a curve) to the temple will bring him down. Adam’s apple: A right blow to the Adam’s apple can collapse the esophagus and may cause the assailant to die because he will not be able to breathe. If the assailant is very close to you, there might not be enough space for you to swing your arm. You can use your elbow to hit him. Bruce Lee’s one inch punch technique is useful here. You just need a short distance to swing your fist and before you reach the target, jerk your fist a bit to create the required impact. This technique requires some practice. Use a bundle of newspaper to practice this technique by repeating punching and jerking your fist at a very short distance movement. Solar plexus: The solar plexus is located just below the sternum of your chest and the tissue around this area is soft. Hold your fist with the middle finger part extended a bit. A punch to the solar plexus this way may kill if the impact strong enough. Use an umbrella to jab this area if you have one. Testes: You can use your knee or heel to kick this area. It will cause temporarily paralysis or permanent damage to the assailant. This will give you enough time to run away. Knee joint: A strong kick to the knee join will render the assailant temporarily paralyzed. I don’t really recommend this method as it is really not that easy to execute but some times in a fight you have no choice or if there is an opening. Things that you can use as weapon: Umbrella, car keys, high heels shoe, hair pins, pen, eyeliner......

Remember, your purpose is to temporarily paralyze the assailant so that you can run away. Your action has to be quick. Do practice a bit a home but be careful not to hurt your hubby.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

yo bro......your post not only good for the women. good for us men as well. then now i will know where they'll hit...hahaha. just joking lar. it is good to teach women self defense. i taught rachel some. unfortunately, her "ragut" incident took her by suprise from the back, and the guy is on a motorcycle. if he's on the ground, im pretty sure he'll get the beating of his lifetime.....good one bro.

Anonymous said...

WOW... thank for this article Pete, I thank you on the behalf of all women reader. :-D

I use umbrella, hairspray and the 'cucuk sanggul'. :-P

Pete said...

Calvin : It would actually very interesting to go undercover as a women and let the snatch thief snatch the bag, use a long rope to tie the bag and let them run with the bag for a distance then jerk the rope and see them fall off the motorcycle!

Cleff : Wow, very aggresive, next time I see a women with very big and long 'cucuk sanggul' in Kepong, then I will know she is you lorrr! Ha Ha.

CleffaClaire said...

LOL... I dun always wear cucuk sanggul la, just once in a while when the weather is too hot for me to bear. Every now and then I let my hair down. Haha. Actually I go nuts over those cucuk sanggul... very bling bling!

Pete... please don't go undercover as a woman. I think you'll make a very awful looking woman! i cannot imagine you wearing skirt, holding an umbrella with makeups on. I think I'll get a nightmare! :-P

Pete said...

Cleff : Ha Ha, I think the snatch thief will run away when they see me instead of snatching my bag.

Calvin Soo KJ said...'ve got 2 clefs now. confusing..

Pete said...

Calvin : Bro, Cleff is multiplying! Started from Wordpress then now in Blogger.
So late already still blogging ah? Make sure when u sleep tonight, dreaming don't say out the name Cleffairy, you wife hear, hentam you lorr! Ha Ha!


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