Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Penang Kueh Kark (fried rice flour blocks) at Kepong Baru Wet Market, Kuala Lumpur

I love the kueh kark from this stall. The kueh kark is fried to perfection and I normally have it for breakfast before I start my marketing rounds. The taugeh (bean sprouts) is crunchy and the saltiness is just right. The sizes of the kueh kark chunks are not too big and the soya sauce is spread evenly over it. A small plate cost RM2.80 and a big one is RM3.30. The owner will start operation around 7am and ends at 12noon. Every Sunday, he will sell his kueh kark at the Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong pasar malam; normally his wife/daughter will take over manning the minivan stall.
Cutting the kueh kark into small pieces using a net with large hole made from monofilament fishing lines. Can also use a tennis racket. LOL . A plate (or rather styrofoam container) of kueh kark.
Location :
Kueh Kark Stall (next to the nice fried bihun) (7am to 12noon) Kepong Baru Wet Market
GPS Latitude 3°12'4.84"N Longitude 101°38'43.41"E Map to Kepong Baru Wet Market
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Kikey Loo said...

wah... i almost forget what is kueh kark liao~~~

p/s: hehe.. the durian is not mock. :p

levian said...

it sounds like our "cha kueh". XD

CRIZ LAI said...

We have the "kah liu" version here too with squids, prawns and cockles :P


Pete said...

kikey : Now, got less and less good kueh kark stall already. Wah, they really send durian all the way there!

levian : Ha Ha, it is Penang Hokkien name for this food, almost same like fried lobak koh.

Criz : Wah, all the kar liu high cholesterol lorrr! Ha Ha.


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