Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kepong Baru Morning Wet Market - Economy Fried Bihun, Kueh Kark, Roast Pork, Soya Bean Milk, Pancake-Non Halal

by Pete I have always enjoyed going to the wet market. Kepong Baru market is a big place and you can find almost everything you need. Kepong is well known for PCL…….. Peang(cheap), Cheang (good) and Leang(nice) food, or leang lui(pretty girls)(want to know more?… go there and check it out). Look for the economy fried bihun(rice vermicelli) stall as in my map. It is fried to perfection with a tinge of smoky smell. RM1.60 for a small packet, RM1.80 for a medium packet and RM2.00 a big packet (can feed two persons) (price subject to changes…..oil price going up …mah). The stall is manned by a friendly young guy. He took over this stall from an old lady who retired last year. Fried mee, fried kueh teow and fried low shi fun are also available. As tables for customers are not available in this stall, you can tar pau (takeaway) and bring it to any of the nearby restaurant to eat it there. As long as you order drinks from the restaurant they will not chase you out for bringing outside food. I will usually take it to the wan tan mee restaurant just behind the bihun stall. I enjoy the bihun while my son normally eats the wan tan mee here. Check out also the kueh kark and soya bean milk next to the bihun stall. The kueh kark is good (same owner as the one in Bukit Maluri pasar malam on Sunday night). As for the soya bean milk you just need a RM2.00 packet and that is good enough for a family of 4 people. I love the taste of soya milk mixed with leong fun. My map (2) also shows the location of the roast pork, fresh tofu and chinese pancake stall. The roast pork is normally sold out by 10.30am so be there early if you want to taste it. I like the tofu from this stall because the texture is fine and smooth. You just have to deep fried the tofu and eat it with chili sauce. While I was there, I saw some City Hall officer were busy checking the vendors’ license and also taking pictures (wow….City Hall officers working on Sunday!). Many vendors were seen scrambling to keep their goods that have been displayed on illegal extension to their stall. I stopped snapping away with my camera when some of the vendors were staring suspiciously at me. Maybe they thought that I am an undercover City Hall officer, me?.....in my singlet and shorts …….undercover ha ha ha. Economy fried bihun (rice vermicelli)- Thumbs up! The fried bihun stall
Scene at the market (behind the Mobil Station)
My favourite fish vendor. Fishes all sold out while I was busy snapping pictures.
Oh oh....only left a tilapia, a halibut and two barracoutas. Heh heh, good reason to tell my wife that I am going fishing this afternoon.
The fish stall vendor and her son busy cleaning fish.
Next to my favourite fish stall. A small stall selling Indian wet curry and chili paste The auntie, owner of the stall suddenly went missing.....must be camera shy!
Vendors and business owners around the area
protesting against City Hall for setting up
parking meters.
Returning home with my car trunk full of stuff
bought from the market. Petai, chicken, vegetables,
fruits, fish, prawns, bean curd sheet, tofu, tou kan(wet tofu sheet),
fried bihun, marie bisquits, mushroom, eggs, spiderman stickers and
bubbles blowing liquid for my little girl.............Carry until 'pengsan'
Map 1 - Kepung Baru Marker Map


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