Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ghost Story From Penang– The Hardcore Gamblers

Ah Kau, Meng and Maniam are hardcore gamblers. They will bet on anything, from football matches to 4D numbers. One day, Ah Kau suggested that they should go to a cemetery to ask for 4D numbers from a road accident victim, a middle age lady from their village that died three days ago. They stopped by a fruit stall to buy some fruits as offering for the dead person. They found it strange to see a fruit stall in the middle of a quiet road and still open although it is already half passed eleven o’clock at night. While they were driving away, Ah Kau took a look at his rear view mirror but could not see the food stall owner who was there a few seconds ago! He quickly stepped on the accelerator and drive away. It was about midnight when they reached the cemetery which is located at the slope of hill. The smell of freshly dug soil and burned hell paper money permeates the air when the reached the grave. They put the offering on the altar in front of the grave and started to pray for 4D numbers. There was a strong gush of cold wind and Meng fell into a trance. With his body writhing as if in pain, he whispered the number 4536 in a strange way. Maniam poured some water on Meng and slapped his thigh to bring him out from his trance. The next day, three of them bet heavily on the number 4536. The number came out as first prize and they became instant millionaires. They went back to the grave with lots of offering and afterworld goodies(paper hell money, paper car with drivers, paper hand phone, paper cosmetics set, paper TV and even a paper Ipod player) for the spirit. On the way there, the fruits stall that they brought the fruits from the other day was no where in sight. While praying at the grave, they heard a women’s voice telling them that she does not want the offerings that they brought. Those things are useless to her as she is neither in heaven nor in hell. She is living in limbo. She wanted to have a taste of their blood. Hearing this, Meng and Maniam ran away on foot from the grave. Ah Kau, being the bolder one, stayed behind at the grave alone. He cuts his hand and let the blood drips onto the tombstone. The spirits told him that a few drips are not enough and she wanted Ah Kau to join her in the afterworld. Immediately, Ah Kau ran for his life. When he reached the main road, he saw the lifeless bodies of his friends lying in the middle of the road covered with blood. They must have been run over by passing vehicles. Ah Kau kept on running until he reached a school. There was no guard there and the gate was lock. ………..The next morning the villagers found Ah Kau dead, clinging on to the schools’ fence. Note: Do you think this story is real or a hoax? If all of them died, then how do we know what happen that night? Ha Ha Ha…...

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