Monday, June 30, 2008

Result of Fuel Saving Device (Voltage Regulator) Test -

A friend of mine asked me to try out a fuel saving device on my car. Since the price of petrol is going sky high, everyone is finding ways to save fuel. The device is supposed to regulate voltage and thus enhance the performance of the car. Here is the test result. Car Type: Nissan Sentra 1.6 Auto (3 years old) Without Fuel Saving Device Mileage = 295.60 km Fuel Consumed = RM68.15 Consumption(RM/km) =0.2305 With Fuel Saving Device Mileage = 281.20 km Fuel Consumed = RM63.13 Consumption(RM/km) = 0.2245 Therefore, Fuel Saving per Km is 0.2305-0.2245 = RM 0.006 Possible Deviation/Improvement of the test result: 1) Fuel is not properly measured. I just pumped the petrol into my tank until it is full. 2) The style of driving, road condition and traffic situation were not taken into consideration 3) To get an accurate result, more sets of test should be conducted to get an average reading. 4) The test should be done on a few types and makes of car of various ages. The device costs around RM600.00 per unit. Therefore I will need to drive approximately 99240 km (RM600/0.006) to cover the device cost before I start to save money on fuel. How long will the device last or whether maintenance is required is still a question? My friend claimed that he saved 20% of fuel on his 10 year old Wira Auto 1.5. Maybe the efficiency of the device varies with the type and condition of your car. NOTE: The author has no intention in promoting or discredits this device and is not agent for the company selling this device. This is only my personal findings. For more information check out this link:

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