Sunday, June 15, 2008

Simple Recipe -Vegetarian Five Spice Powder Bean Curd Sheet (Siew Ngor)

by Peter
Bean Curd Sheet Cantonese name (Foo Pei), Hokkien name (Tau Poey)
Five Spice Powder This high grade brand (very aromatic) is from Penang, Malaysia but nowadays you can get it from many places and hypermarkets in KL.
Bean curd sheets all ready, marinated and folded
Fried vegan spiced Bean Curd Sheet
Fried Bean Curd Skin cut and ready to be served
This is a very easy dish to prepare and everyone in my family, especially the kids love it. Ready made ones can be bought from Hypermarkets frozen section but nothing beats a homemade variety. Ingredients:
Five Spice Powder, Sugar, Light Soya Sauce, Bean Curd Skin, Vegetable Oil for Frying
1) Seasoning, combine.
a) Five spice powder, 1 tea spoon
b) Sugar, 1 table spoon
c) Light Soya sauce, 3 table spoon

2) 1 piece Bean Curd Sheet, Cut into around 6” by 10” Put a tea spoon of seasoning (1) into the cut Bean Curd Sheet and spread it around the Bean Curd Sheet. Then fold the seasoned Bean Curd Sheet as in picture number (4).

3) Heat up 1 cup of vegetable/corn oil in wok and fry the seasoned Bean Curd Sheet until crispy. Bean Curd Sheet cook easily, so do not fry too long or you will burn it. Cut into small rectangular shape and serve.

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