Sunday, July 5, 2009

Can you buy a packet of popcorn with RM1?

The answer is yes! I bought this packet of freshly roasted popcorn from the Soya Bean/Tau Fu Fah Milk vendor that I used to frequent every Saturday morning in Kepong Baru wet market. Sometimes it just takes a packet of popcorn to make the kids happy. My daughter loves popcorn and she almost finished the whole packet as soon as I came back from the market, leaving very little for his brother. This stall owner is also very generous in selling the soya bean milk. For RM2, you can get a large packet to fill at least four glasses. Well, I guess the food stuff in wet market is relatively cheaper than elsewhere. The only drawback is the market is always very crowded and packed with people. But then, no crowd, no fun! Would you go to a wet market that is empty without any customers? It is always nice to slowing sip my coffee in the morning while watching the wet market patrons buying their daily needs and vendors trying to sell their wares to passer by.

P.S : Map of Kepong Baru Wet Market in my previous post below

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suituapui said...

not into popcorn but I think that's the usual price round here. fast your posts, can't keep up liao! So very free kah? Hahahahaha!!!

mommy to chumsy said...

ahh...but you can't popcorn at rm1 at the mall :D my daughter likes it too but she would only eat a few pieces. her mommy would have to finish the whole packet :D

Pete said...

STP : Ha ha, got lots of pictures in my hard disk that I haven't post. Got to catch up on my posting. LOL!

Mommy : No wonder mummy have to go on diet. ha ha ha! LOL!


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