Friday, July 24, 2009

Extra Spicy Curry Fish Head with Prawns Recipe – Without Santan (Coconut milk)

One of my favourite fish is the Garoupa. Normally, I would buy the whole fish from the wet market and have the fishmonger cut it into pieces for me. Garoupa head has lots of flesh and it is a good choice of ingredients for cooking fish head curry. I added some prawn into the curry to give it more natural sweetness so that it will not be too spicy. Check out this recipe!

Garoupa Fish head, 1 pc (alternatively you can also user red snapper, white snapper or kurau fish)
Prawns, 8 large pcs. Cleaned and trim legs
Fish Curry Powder, ½ cup, mix with water to make into paste
Cumin, 1 teaspoon
Coriander, ½ teaspoon
Chili paste, 2 table spoon
Onions, 2 large, blended
Lemon grass (serai), blended
Lady Fingers (okra), 7 pcs
Tamarind paste, 1 table spoon, mix with water to extract the juice
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil, 4 table spoons

Heat up wok; add oil and sautéed onions until it caramelize a little. Add in the curry paste and keep on stirring the mixture to avoid burning the dish. Add cumin, coriander, lemongrass and chilli paste. Put in some water and add in the lady fingers (okra) when the gravy boils. Add tamarind juice and salt to taste. Put in the fish head and let it simmer until it is cooked. Add the prawns and boil for a short while. Serve with white rice or puri!

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reanaclaire said...

wah..within one day, u post few recipes.. how to catch up with u, man... i ask u again.. any clone of U ah? one who cooks like u... for breakfast, lunch and dinner one.. an unpaid cook, ada? hahaha... i really salute to u la.. cos i never go into the kitchen much..... :(

Pete said...

Claire : Too many recipes sitting in my hard disc, so have to clear them fast leh! My cells too old already, the professors says not suitable for cloning. ha ha ha LOl!

foongpc said...

Ooh! I think I will love this dish!
Fish and prawns make a lethal combination! : )

suituapui said...

Now this looks absolutely yummy! You MUST cook for me when I go to KL at the end of next month... Hahahahaha!!! Got u cornered liao!

Pete said...

Foongpc : Prawn added extra natural sweetness to the dish!

STP : Look yummy only! ha ha ha!

eunice said...

ur food site is unlike other foodies who only posted nice food from eateries, yours is you cook and teach us how to prepare it too!!! very geng! haha! whoever stays with you really has "ko fu" (mouth-wealth) LOL

Pete said...

Eunice : Ya lor my kids and wifey have ko fu but no one prepare food for me, they have ko fu, I think I don't have larr! Like that not fair leh.....ha ha ha!

Ayie said...

a curry for me must have coconut =)

Pete said...

Ayie : Hah, you like the creamy type!

Ayie said...

I'm a filipino...dishes should be really tasty =)


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