Thursday, July 16, 2009

Authentic Malaysian Chinese Barbecued Char Siew Recipe

Opps, to much red colouring! But the taste is nice!
My regular pork supplier had some nice fresh pork belly and I snapped them up without actually planning of what to do with it! Anyway it was a weekend and I decided to fire up my ‘small’ barbecue pit to grill some nice Char Siew from the pork belly. I let the charcoal turned into amber first before I start barbecuing so that the meat would turn out nice. By the time I finished cooking the Char Siew and cut them into slices, my kids already started eating them nonstop and left half of it for dinner! So, I guess it must have turned out ok or they were very hungry waiting for me to barbecue the char siew! Ha ha ha!

Pork Belly, 1 cut
Five Spice powder, 1 teaspoon
Sugar, 3 table spoons
Light soya sauce, 2 table spoon
A little red food colouring (optional)
Chinese cooking wine, 1 teaspoon

Marinade the pork belly for at least one hour before you BBQ it. Barbecue the pork belly using charcoal that has turned into amber until well done. Alternatively you can use oven to roast the pork belly, 180 Deg C for 1 hour. Eat with rice cooked using chicken stock!

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suituapui said...

Oh? The red colouring is from colouring? Thought they use some special ingredient to marinate!!! Never tried... I just rub with salt and pepper and roast - plain roast pork. Nice also! LOL!!!

Pete said...

STP : Tried plain roast the other day, actually very nice, can taste the natural sweetness!

eugene said...

I just hate food now, went for lunch with my business partners, 4 dishes small portion, kena RM85.50 for 4 persons, teror lah.

hey dropping by to see you here,,,and take care now

Pete said...

Eugene : Wooo, kena potong already, four dishes RM85 in Penang is very expensive lorrr! Thks for dropping by, Bro! Cheers!

Ayie said...

no food coloring for me....i prefer the natural grilled meat color

Pete said...

Ayie : Ya, agree, this is the first time I use colouring, just to see how it turn out!

Small Kucing said...

Hahaha....thank god i found your recipe...going to try making this. Just got my HCP. Hope will jadi la...LOL....


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