Sunday, July 5, 2009

Simple Meal of Fried Ikan Cincaru (Hardtail Scad Fish, Scientific name Megalaspis Cordyla)

I have published many recipes that look complicated and time consuming to prepare. Although I am a Foodie, like many other families we also eat normal dishes most of the time. I bought this cincaru fish, which is very fresh from my regular fish supplier from Sg Besar. Somehow my this fish supplier always have cincaru that is very fresh and my son just love the sweet fresh taste of simple deep fried cincaru. Cincaru are commonly used to cook ‘cincaru sumbat cili’, where a pocket like incision is made at the top part of the fish, filled with cili (prefried with onions, sugar, tamarind juice and salt) and then deep fried in hot oil. Cincaru sumbat cili (Chilli filled Hardtail scad fish) is very tasty but sometime I am just lazy to cook it this way. Anyway, I just deep fried the cencaru fish without adding any marinade. Then I cut some cili padi (bird eye chilli), add some soya sauce and lemon juice to make the dipping sauce. Since the cincaru is very fresh, it is quite tasty and full of natural sweetness. How do you normally cook cincaru fish?


Anonymous said...

lol.... i dun take much fish, cuz hate the bones, but i prefer ikan sumbat if i were to cook cencaru.

suituapui said...

This is no less complicated for the novice. Deep frying fish can be a pain if they are afraid of the oil spluttering...if the fish gets stuck because they do not wait long enough... Hahahahahaha!!! I love fish - alomost any kind and simple frying's fine by me.

Pete said...

Cleff : Ikan sumbat is nice but when frying it chillies and oil spill everywhere.

STP : Ha ha, have to wear full protective clothing, hot oil spurting everywhere! LOL!

Pei Pei said...

This fish makes good Ikan Jaket - Malay style deep fried fish with sambal sumbat. Because it's deep fried, the (fried)scale and the hard scale/shell of the tail can be removed easily. Sedap sungguh... drooling now

Pete said...

Pei Pei : I like to eat ikan sumbat too! Very nice aroma!


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