Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cool Cool Ais Cream Batang (Stick) – Childhood Memories

I made some ice cream batang (stick) from some leftover red bean tong sui (red bean sweet dessert) using long cylindrical plastic bags. It reminds me of my childhood days. My schoolmates and I would buy ice cream batang from a sundry shop outside our school. Then we would have a jolly good time walking home happily eating our ice cream batang at the same time (jilat, jilat, jilat, hisap, hisap ais krim batang ha ha ha! LMAO, ops xxxx censored). I remembered there were various flavours available like orange, sarsi (sarsaparilla), red bean, jagung (corn) and asam (plum) that comes with a little asam boi (preserved plum) in it. Sarsaparilla was my favourite choice. Sometimes the ice cream was so cold that when we ate it too fast we ended up with a slight headache. Well, those were the good old days. I still see this ice cream being sold outside some schools. Looks like after all these years, with so many ice cream chains like Baskin Robbins being set up all over the country and many brands of ice cream being sold in Hypermarkets, ice cream batang still remains a favourite among Malaysian school children........and also ‘overgrown’ big daddy like me! Ha ha ha!

6 comments: said...

yah, yah, yah! betul betul... those were the good old days. kekeke... jilat & hisap.. u tickle everybody's funny bones

Anonymous said...

That headache's brain freeze. I get that too when I eat something really really cold.

eunice said...

u called it ice cream batang, we had that as ice tube with syrup, selling at only S$0.10 or S$0.20. We called these ice tubes as "sheng bao" in hokkien, means "ice bag" right? ha!

I dunno if "sheng bao" are still selling in SG, when children nowadays are spoilt with a great variety of snacks.

suituapui said...

LOL!!! So lucah ur description! These days, Walls also cream potong! Dunno why it is called potong! Hahahahahaha!!!

Pete said...

Mommy : Good old days are the best time of our live! So much nice memories!

Mei Teng : Ha ha, brain freeze, got that when meet the boss....LOL

Eunice : Sheng Bao, should still have in Spore. Check out your old primary school. Maybe you can post the result of your investigation. LOL!

STP : Aiyo, no other words to use leh. Cannot makan ice cream, have to jilat, if not kepala sakit because eat too fast, ha ha ha!

DesperateHousewife said...

Where can I find that plastic bags?


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