Friday, July 10, 2009

Oregano Baked Potato with Luncheon Meat Recipe

After learning from Suituapui, Start Me Up on how to cook baked potato I tried out the recipe and publish a post about it at Baked Mashed Potato, a.k.a Suituapui Style . I tried to cook it using luncheon meat instead of bacon and some western herbs like oregano. The result turns out quite well and I had a good hearty breakfast of baked potato with luncheon meat.

Potato, 5 pcs, skinned and boiled until soft, then cut into four
Oregano, 1 teaspoon
 Salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste
Tomato sauce
Luncheon meat, 3 slices, cut into cubes
Onions, 2 large pcs, cut into cubes
Cheese, 2 pcs

Oil the baking pan with vegetable oil or butter. Put the potato in the baking pan and sprinkle the oregano on top of it. Put luncheon meat and onions on the tray as well. Add salt to taste and also pepper. Line the cheese on top of the potato, spread some tomato sauce over it and bake in preheated oven at 180Deg C for 10 minutes. Related Post


Anonymous said...

Ooooo...looks yummy! Use corned beef also very nice!!! Haiz! Anak not at home, no mood to cook! So lazy! :(

Pete said...

STP : Good idea, next round I will try with corned beef.....can't wait, must be yummy!
Daddies always cook for the kids....just to make them happy! LOL!

ladyviral said...

ooooh that looks good..

oh corn beef is a good idea! I don't know how to cook but damn patronizing your blog is making me feel like i can cook! hahaha

ladyviral said...

Oh what kind of cheese do you use? Mozarella? Cheddar? Parmesan?

Pete said...

ladyviral : I used Cheddar cheese, the only one type that I have in my fridge. After reading a few more recipe post you will be a cook! LOL!

CheaHS@n said...

Pete u r in trouble Suituapui Baked Potato® is patented, see u in tennis court hahaha. Have not tried cookin myself maybe one day.

Pete said...

Bro Cheah : This dish real easy to cook. Your 'darling' sure likes it lorrr! LOL

Ayie said...

i think the one who'll like this is my husband..he loves potatoes

Anonymous said...

Both my daddies doesn't cook. LOL... I very malang, my father and father in law dun cook wan. All they know is bawak me makan outside... LOL...hmm... looks like it's time to pester one of them to bawak me makan makan again. Whahahahah!

Pete said...

Ayie : Guys seems to like baked stuff and potatoes. LOL!

Cleff : Ha ha, you can convince them to enrol in cooking class if they have already retired. LOL!


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