Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keropok Ikan Parang Kedai Hasan (Fish Cracker From Hasan Shop)

I guess keropok should be everyone’s favourite snacks. My neighbour got me a packet of dried keropok ikan parang when he visited Kemaman recently. (I got good neighbour , who always share food with me. Heh heh, lucky me! LOL). The packaging is rather simple but the label looks neat. It was dark brownish in colour before frying but will turn golden light brown after I deep fried it. It expanded quite a lot when I deep fried it and it has a real crispy texture. The keropok (fish cracker) is also well marinated and the saltiness is just nice. My family finished the whole big plate of the keropok as soon as I finished frying them. The fish they used must be very fresh and it really tastes different from many other types of keropok I have bought before. Thumbs up! Here is the address and contact that I got from the label. Kedai Keropok Hasan Sebelah Stesen Minyak Shell, Chendor (Next to Chendor Shell Station) Sempadan Kemaman-Kuantan, Pahang (Kemaman-Kuantan Border, Pahang) Tel 017 9272764 & 609 8685378 Contact Person: Hasan Al Banna Hashim Looks like there is no proper address and I wonder how the shop or factory would be like. Maybe that is En Hasan’s house, ha ha ha. Will drop by to meet En Hasan when I visit the East Coast next time! LOL! Related Post on Keropok 1)


suituapui said...

You like keropok? Next time I bring you Sarawak's one - Bintulu or Mukah's the best!!! Stronger taste of udang or ikan, not flour only

Pete said...

STP : That would be good. Never tried Bintulu or Mukah's keropok before. Sarawak got nice and fresh seafood!


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