Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chinese Style Spicy Coca Cola Chicken (CSCCC) Recipe

After hearing so much about Coca-cola chicken, I did some web search and decided to cook up one to see how the taste is like. My guess was, coca-cola itself will not add much aroma to the dish, so I have to use sesame oil to enhance it a little bit. The acid in Coca-cola will help to soften the chicken and provide some sweetness to the dish. However I found that cooking the chicken this way is a little bit funny, so is the taste! The sesame aroma is stronger than the coca-cola. Ha ha ha! This recipe needs some modification!

Chicken Ribs, 3 pcs
Dark soya sauce, ½ teaspoon
Light soya sauce, 1 tablespoon
Coca-cola, 1 cup
Sesame oil, 1 teaspoon
Pepper, a dash
Chili powder, 1 teaspoon
Lemon juice from ½ lemon
Lemon zest
Salt to taste

Marinade the chicken with all the ingredients for around three hours. Coat the chicken with a little corn flour and then deep fry it. Use the leftover marinade to make the sauce. You can thicken it using corn flour and water mixture. Serve while still hot! P.S. Since I am a fan of Michael Jackson, I should have used Pepsi Cola instead and name the dish MJ Fried Chicken! Ha ha ha!


reanaclaire said...

hey Pete, how does it taste like with the coco cola? i dont like sesame oil so much, except during confinement period.. haha.. i think i stick to the 5 spice powder chicken with honey.. yumm..

Anonymous said...

The use of coca cola adds crispiness to the chicken? I don't think I have tried chicken cooked with the addition of coke.

Anonymous said...

The use of coca cola adds crispiness to the chicken? I don't think I have tried chicken cooked with the addition of coke.

Josephine said...

coca-cola chicken!

Got Guinness stout pork rib recipe or not?

Moonaroo said...

That looks really good! I wonder if I could actually make it here at home???

Pete said...

Claire : Actually it taste a bit funny, agree five spice powder with honey is nicer!

Mei Teng :It suppose to create more gas bubbles. But I did not use rice flour so not crispy. Maybe if I put the coke in flour batter, it would be crispy

Josephine : Have not tried to cook Guiness Stout pork ribs but have eaten in restaurant. If cook at home, then after eating my children might get drunk leh! ha ha ha!

Moonaroo : Actually quite easy to prepare, but it taste a bit funny!

Char (PSI Tutor:Mentor) said...

I don't know~ all that sugar!

eugene said...

MJCFC (micheal jackson chinese friend chicken) sounds good too,, hey dropping by agian

suituapui said...

LOL!!! Tasted funney eh? Think I will just waut for your "modifications"...till you get it right! Hahahahaha!

Pete said...

Char : Ya, the drink have lots of sugar in it!

Eugene : Suddenly MJ become so popular again lorr!

STP : Funny until don't know how to describe leh! ha ha ha!

Laiza said...

Very interesting recipe! :) but, like the others I'll wait till you perfect this dish. :). Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow. I will add ur link to my site. :)

Pete said...

Laila : Thks for visiting. Will add yours too. Cheers!

Ayie said...

i like 7up or sprite better in dishes....never tried coke

Pete said...

Ayie : I also think that 7up or sprite would taste better. Might try them out!

Ayie said...

most esp goos for seafoods =)

Anonymous said...

I never tried coca cola chicken before. I love to drink coke too much. Sure end up finishing up the coke than cooking it. LOL.

Pete said...

Cleff : Same here, coke already half finished before I marinate the chicken, he he he!


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