Friday, July 10, 2009

Quickie Chilli Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) Recipe, Quick to Cook, Good to Eat

Sometimes when I am a little bit lazy to cook, I would prepare this dish which only takes me 5 minutes. You can use any bottled chili sauce that you fancy. Life Chilli Sauce (the one used in KFC) is my choice as the gravy for the ikan bilis (anchovies). It has the right combination of sweetness and spiciness in it. Somehow it blends quite well with the anchovies. You might want to try Kampung Koh Garlic Chili Sauce if you like the garlic taste.

Ikan Bilis (Anchovies), 1 bowl
Chili Sauce, Any brand you fancy, 3 table spoons or to taste
Roasted peanuts, ½ bowl (I just buy it from the Mamak kacang putih man instead of roasting it myself)

Deep fry the ikan bilis (anchovies) in hot oil until they turned crispy or golden brown. Remove ikan bilis from the wok and drain away any excess oil. Add peanuts and chili sauce to the ikan bilis, mixed well. Your quickie Chili Ikan Bilis meal is ready! Your MIL and spouse will not even know that you used bottled chili sauce to prepare it! Ha ha ha! LOL!


suituapui said...

Looks good! I love the Kampong Koh chilli sauces...but lately not available here anymore, dunno why!

Pete said...

STP : A few brands garlic chilli now available here. Kampong Koh too popular already, demand exceed supply!

Ayie said...

i miss this one, rare to fins anchovies here

Anonymous said...

Nice to snack on leh, this one... nicer still, eat with nasi lemak!

Pete said...

Ayie : Achovies are real nice, especially cook in hot and spicy gravy! Your place don't have this?

Cleff: Wah, for snack a bit salty leh, maybe with nasi lemak better.

Ayie said...

I'm in US now, fishes are expensive and to get anchovies and other kinds of fishes I usually eat in Philippines, it needs a long drive to the special Filipino stores. Grew up eating those cooked in different ways =)

Bengbeng said...

i tried this today. got the idea from yr blog the other day but i used microwave instead. half i kept to myself n mixed with the chilli sauce. lovely. the other half i left it as it was for my mrs n benghui dont take spicy stuff

Pete said...

Ayie : True, fishes and seafood are expensive in developed countries!

Bengbeng : Glad you like this recipe. Using microwave is good idea, no oil, healthier than deep frying. Oh, your mrs don't take spicy stuff, very kind of you to leave non-spicy ones for her!


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