Thursday, July 16, 2009

Classic Chinese Claypot Chicken Rice Recipe

This is another dish I would cook whenever I am a little lazy to prepare a complete meal for my family. I just have to marinade the chicken and then put them on top of the rice. Then I can serve the food for my family to eat within half and hour. For additional taste I actually fried some fried Chinese Sausage to go a along with the Claypot Chicken. It would taste better with the addition of crispy fried salted fish but I don’t have any in my fridge at that time.

Chicken, 10 pcs
Rice, 1 ½ cup, add water until 1cm above the rice before cooking

Light soya sauce, 2 tablespoons
Dark soya sauce, 1 teaspoon
Sesame Oil, 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Pepper, a little
Five spice powder, 1/2 teaspoon
Chinese cooking wine, 1 teaspoon
Oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon
Corn flour, 1 table spoon
Marinate the chicken for around 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the rice in claypot until the water almost dried up then put the marinated chicken on top of it. Cover up the claypot and continue cooking the rice until the chicken is cooked. Garnish with spring onions and serve.


ladyviral said...

My goodness. You cooked so much in one day! Baked, Grilled, Cooked and Bought! I am amazed! I am going to worship you! Especially the fact that you're a male too!

And look at all of them... yummylicious! Yum yum yum! The claypot rice look so good! The Char siew do look too red haha. Oh since the cake was chocolate, I will pass. I will have the apple pie instead haha :P.

Raynebow said...

This is also one of our favourites - easy to cook & yummy!
Feel free to check out my food blog too:

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Pete said...

Ladyviral : Paiseh lah, I chin chai cook only. They are collections of what I cook over the weeks but some are quite some time back. LOl!

Pete said...

Ryanebow : Thks for dropping by here too. Will check out your food blog.....jeng jeng jeng.....on the way!

reanaclaire said... day u can blog a few posts on food, huh Pete.. very good man... i have 3 blogs too but difficult to give them all same treatment hahhaa..

Pete said...

Claire : Some of the food cooked quite some time already but I did not post it! LOL!

xin said...

i love it when my mom cooks this too! but she uses only rice cooker tho. tasted equally good :)

Pete said...

xin : Most of the time I use rice cooker too, ya, agree it taste equally good! Yum Yum!

suituapui said...

Yes, another dish that I've yet to try. Oooo....I love it with lots of salted fish! The "long" type - over-fermented and wangi and so nice - tastes like Heaven! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Pete said...

STP : Wah, 'long' salted fish...ha ha ha, what type is it?...aiya , need to wash my brain liao!...ROLF!

suituapui said...

It's "long kiam hu" in Hokkien...the type where they stuff salt inside the fish and let it "rot"...not like other salted fish where they have salt on the outside only. This type is very very nice...

Pete said...

STP : I think the flesh would be soft and nice. After frying must be crispy!

Ayie said...

clay pot cooked food tastes a lot better plus the marinade! hmmm! chinese sausage gives an extra kick too! it's ok without the fish, chicken is tasty enough

Bengbeng said...

Pete, for my dish i dont know if it makes a difference but my mum did it that way so i have always done it too. the rice before cooking is fried over a wok with other ingredients like garlic and small onions. only then is left to cook in the rice cooker. according to her, then the rice will not clump together .... but biji demi biji if u know what i mean

Pete said...

Bengbeng : Pre frying the rice with shallots and garlic would make the dish very nice. True it will not clump together because there is oil around the rice grain.

Bengbeng said...

ah.. that explains the Chemistry ascpect of it. :)

Bengbeng said...

i was looking for the right word.. i had to resort to biji but u had the right word... grain :) hhahahaha


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