Friday, July 3, 2009

A Cooling Coconut Palm Drink on a Hot and Sunny Day

Looks like everything that is edible that come across my path sure ‘habis’ (gone), got eaten by me of course! My sis in law house in Butterworth has this nice mature coconut palm tree (scientific name, Coco Nucifera) that bears quite a lot of fruits. It is around eight feet tall and I think it must be the same species known locally as ‘Nyiur Gading’ (Elephant Ivory Coconut translation!). Somehow the ground near the roots has lots of ants and in fact it sits on an ant hill! I have to be very careful whenever I want to pluck the coconuts from this tree. Anyway I managed to climb up using an aluminum ladder and chopped down a whole bunch of coconut palm using my survival knife...aka...Rambo style, ha ha ha! Unfortunately, the whole bunch dropped on the ladder and damaged it. I have to jump down; luckily the tree is not that tall! The aluminum ladder was a little out of shape and aluminum being a soft metal; I managed to get it back in the original shape again easily! Well, it was worth the effort and interesting adventure for some nice cooling drink of fresh coconut water. Aiya, sometimes ‘daddy’ needs to get some adrenalin flowing too! Every time, whenever I think about this misadventure, I would laugh at myself! LOL! Interesting Note: Malaysia used to be one of the top coconuts producing country but now we are at the eighth or ninth position.

Yum, yum, nice cooling coconut juice!


Anonymous said...

This is a great thirst quencher on a blistering hot day! :)

ladyviral said...

Yum yum! for a hot weathe rlike this! Coconut always a good idea!

Anonymous said...

LOL... coconut juice reminds me of my FIL...owez bring me go drink coconut juice, which is my fav... hmm...must hunt him down for lunch or dinner again when I'm free. LOL...

Pete said...

Mei Teng : Ya, agree

Ladyviral : Great way to cool down the body!

Cleff : Wah, suddenly 10 comments came in, I guess you must have dropped by here! Thks...LOL
Your FIL so sayang you, must be a great guy!

mulia said...

brrrrrrrrrrrrr.... if you drink coconut juice


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