Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Watch Michael Jackson Memorial Service Live Online from Social Networking Sites and Video Stream at Top News Sites.

If you are not the lucky 17,500 fans selected to be in Staples Center, Los Angeles to watch Michael Jackson memorial service then you can go to these sites to watch it online. Stars like Lionel Richie, Smokey Robison, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Brooke Shields and Magic Johnson are expected to be there. Rest in Peace Michael! 1) Charles Gibson will host Michael Jackson Memorial online in ABCNews.com 2) Larry King on CNN 3) CBSNews.com, in Los Angeles 4) Live report form the memorial at Fox News 5) Members of Facebook will have access to CNN Live feed. 6) Hulu, will stream Fox News feed. 7) Video stream, MySpace


CheaHS@n said...

Pete Thank you very much...You watching live on 8TV tonite?

Pete said...

Bro Cheah, now watching Astro 323, it shows visitor arriving at the Liberty Hall.


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